Minister of gender geared to end early child marriages

Jean Kalilani

In an effort to end child marriages in the country, the Ministry of Gender Children and Social Welfare has introduced an awareness campaign to civic educate the masses on effects of early marriages.

Speaking on the campaign, minister responsible Jean Kalirani asked people in the country to join hands with the ministry in ending early child marriages.

Kalirani said the issue of child marriages is a big problem which needs coordinated efforts by the general public including all the stakeholders in the country.

“We are asking the general public including the stakeholders to emphasise that this campaign is not only for the ministry of gender or government but the whole Malawi,” she said.

Kalirani also called upon the media to raise awareness to reach people both in rural and urban areas.

The minister assured that government will do all it can to make sure that the issue of child marriages becomes a story of the past.

She however warned that the law will not spare anyone promoting or forcing a child under legal marriage age of 18 to get married.



  1. Zaziii! Athetsa bwanji child marriage pomwe umphawi mdziko uli thoo. Ana ambiri amathamangira banja pofuna kuiwalako umphawi. Ndie ngati mukufuna kuthetsa early marriage, mukuyenera kuthetsa Kaye umphawi mdziko.

  2. Anduna! vutonso lili pano tiana sitikuopa madoda, tsono madodanso sakunyengelera popha tsogolo la wana, amenetu akumati ndi wanawo!…

  3. Tichepetse umphawi then we can abolish dis predicament coz alot of girls r indulging in early marriegies due 2 lack of parental care(since some parents have not born wth silver spoon in deir mouth).

  4. Wrong parking komano a minister a agriculture tachotsani chiletso mwaika chogulitsa mbewu kunja.munthu apezapo chain kugulitsa chimanga 50 komaso soya 150

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