Govt asked to collaborate with organisations in ending human trafficking


Malawi Network against Human Trafficking has called on government to collaborate with the organisation to end cases of human trafficking in the country.

Speaking to local media, chairperson for the organisation Rodrick Mulonya said it is very important that government should be at the forefront in bringing awareness on impacts of human trafficking.

He said government is therefore supposed to commit itself in working with other stakeholders in the dissemination of information.

He went on to say that every Malawian should as well play a major role of bringing awareness to end cases of human trafficking in parts of the country.

“Actually the issue is to bring awareness among citizens of this country on how to end human trafficking, so government, and stakeholders should be disseminating information on indicators of this human trafficking,” he explained.

Mulonya pointed out lack of information and civic education as some of the factors hindering and contributing to ignorance on issues of human trafficking.

He therefore pledged to do everything possible to create awareness to people by using local information dissemination tools so that the message should reach everyone.