Malawi24’s Up close: Meet dancehall artist Phexado


In this exciting edition of Malawi24 Up close, we focus on budding Dancehall star Phexado of the Kamafuna Ndikale fame.

Lyonike: To begin with, who is Phexado?

Phexado: I was born Innocent Mlinga in 1994, am based in Lilongwe but originally from Zomba.

Lyonike: When did you start music?

Phexado tells his story

Phexado: I started doing music seriously in 2015 and it only took me six months to get known with the eleven songs I have recorded so far.

Lyonike: Why dancehall of all the genres?

Phexado: I chose dancehall for the love of it, I knew that my style will easily match with the genre.

Lyonike: Besides your love for dancehall, there must be someone who motivate you, not so?

Phexado: Oh yes, my brother who is a good singer and songwriter did.

Lyonike: Since the onset of your career have you attracted any record label?

Phexado: Yes, am signed to Fresh Arts Music Group.

Lyonike: Most people believe, Lilongwe is the home of dancehall, what is your take on this?

Phexado: I know so, thanks to the late Mafunyeta for laying the foundation for Lilongwe dancehall artists, which is why they are dominating in the genre.

Lyonike: How do you rate the audience’s response to your music?

Phexado: I can proudly say the audience’s response is amazing, even when I step on stage people treat me to warm morale.

Lyonike: Any big name collaboration?

Phexado: I have only worked with Janta on a song titled “Expire” but it’s in my plans to work with more big shots in the industry.

Lyonike: When you listen to the first song you recorded and the last, do you see yourself to have made progress?

Phexado: Yes progress is there, only that I feel like I have a long way to go.

Lyonike: What is your goal?

Phexado: My main goal is to bring change in the industry.

Lyonike: Any advice to your fellow up and coming artists?

Phexado: They should play their cards well because music is a journey.



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