Arrest police officer who exposed ‘fake prostitute’ – Legal expert


One of the country’s legal experts Justin Dzonzi has called for the prosecution of a police officer who circulated pictures of a man arrested for posing as a female prostitute.

The man, Von Gomani, was arrested on Monday after he was found impersonating a female prostitute. He was charged of soliciting for immoral purposes.

Gomani:his photos went viral

Photos of Gomani went viral on social media something which has been condemned by Dzonzi who is also Chairperson of Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC).

Dzonzi told one of the local media houses that circulating the images on social media was a breach of the suspect’s right to privacy.

He said the police officer who shared the pictures should be arrested and prosecuted for violating right to privacy.

Von Gomani comes from Kapetera village, Traditional Authority Kapeni in Blantyre and will appear in court soon to answer charges of soliciting for immoral purpose which is under section 180 sub section (e) of the penal code



  1. STUPID NDE mukufuna kuti munthu akamapanga zinthu zoipa tisamuulure? Stupid musandinyase. Munthu akamapanga chinthu choipa ayenera kuuluridwa basi, ufulu wachani, iye akhale ndi ufulu opanga zoipa! Fotseki.

  2. We are not in Sodom and gomora that’s why the police officer arrested the Demon possessed thing,komaso wapolisi anapudzila za ntchitoyo ndipo malamuro adziko akuwaziwa bwinobwino so you mean by the time He arrested the Demon possess man but woman he forget the law kkkkkk koma dziko la Malawi nothing of Justice will come out.

  3. So which human rights have been violeted there Mr Dzozi?….you just want to protect that gay from facing the justice, is this your way out?…..before I saw that stupid on whatsapp I saw him on MBC News Bulleting, gays and lesbians doesn’t have any rights in malawi, don’t even try to protect that foolish other wise we shall take laws in our hands one day if catch him, you should thank God that is now protected there but one he will never have chance again!

  4. He did wrong cause he was posting wrong pictures and they were somebody’s and the policeman exposed him nothing wrong here and the policeman shared correct pics of the suspect

  5. The identity of the man who picked ‘her’ should also be made public. Why should it be hidden? Who is to give evidence against the accused in court, is it not the man who picked ‘her’? And why is his identity being protected? Because he does not want to be known that he goes after prostitutes? Maybe he is married or has a girlfriend! The police should reveal his identity as well!!!

  6. Kkkkk kumenyela ufulu chiwandachi ? alibeso nzimu akuluwa ndithu wapolice ameneyo sanalakwitse ngakhale pang’ono koma amatidziwitsa kuti kut muli chimwana chanjoka tamudziwa

  7. Arrest him for what? He should have think before doing his nonsense. Leave that police officer alone he didn’t commit any crime. If u arrest him that’s means you are the one responsible of what that idiot was doing. Mxiiiiii!

  8. there are times when the law is deemed to inflict uncessarity and disparity ahead of insanity- Quadiora -Human Rights Lawyer”,,,,

    I won’t take much time explaining the above koz am sure there are times when we over study law and make it to look as a weapon of mass destruction …but if this if this the case as zonzi puts

    1. then journalists who exposed APM sickness of his right hand deservs an arrest koz right to privancy wàs violated.

    oooh yes journalists who coverd chapondas whisky corrupt acts deserve an arrest

    ooooh yes I mean those two police journalists who coverd the two incidences of police officers implicated in road traffic scam to get arrested in the name of privacy violation

    as if thus the only case those …who exposed aunt tiwo nd chimbalanga gay saga ….. also deserves an arrest ….koz they tamperd with privacy of some ppo ….not so?

    unless am insane with my argument then I deserv to posses wisdom …….other wise zonzi’s remarks lives me braiial

  9. Muvekeni theyala ameneyi coz akufuna kutibela and kutipusitsa, and I think ndi satanic ameneyi coz ife timadziwa ukwati was mwamuna ndi mkazi not zimenezi njee guy’s, aphedwe ameneyi

  10. For what crime if i may ask?this Dzozi guy is seeking attention from europe..if this is what education does in peoples brain then its just a waste of money..

  11. This is phuking unbelievable. What was the intention of impersonating a female prostitute when he os a man? As this photo is seen, this man is mascular hence he can make most men at night his victims physically. He can rob you and kill you, hence it was necessary for the police and the general public to expose him. Now someone who knows the danger of keeping such men in a society has the audacity to say that the police violated his rights. As the issue of rights violation can be true, its good as a nation to look on the bigger picture.


  13. why only target a police officer, the story, the pictures were beamed on our National TV, in fact the story was for public interest!

  14. So when there is a court case, do they not show images of the accused? Anyway this “human” is a freak, it should be put to death – Leviticus 20:13 – and do not count on “Human Rights Commissions”, they only defend the human rights of the wicked – and don’t care about Christian people.

  15. The story was quite peculiar, interesting but very strange, and thus unbelievable – just like what we hear on MBC Radio ‘nkhani za mmaboma’.
    Now, for us to believe it, we needed to see the “lady-of-the street” faced guy. I do not see anything wrong with that.
    We have heard and seen dangerous armed robbers being paraded to the mainstream media – no lawyer uttered even a word of rebuke, so whats wrong with posting this lady-guy pcture, on social media for that matter?

    Lawyers want to play tricks with our intellect just to show how learned they may be. This time ‘wagwa nayo’ Justin.

  16. true, the law requires that the identity of such sensetive case should made public if it is in the nterest and benefit to the public in this case that wasnt the case so his right to privacy is infringed.

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