The lawyer ‘ate our money’ – 20 July victims’ families cry foul over compensation

July 20

Though government of Malawi compensated the ten families of victims of 20 July, 2011 with K30 million, the families are facing challenges financially and have accused their lawyer of pocketing a big share of the money.

Speaking during a tombstone unveiling ceremony in Mzuzu, representative of the families Mercy Mfune said they shared K11 million amongst themselves and their lawyer George Kadzipatike got the remaining amount as legal fees.

July 20
Kadzipatike has denied the accusations

Kadzipatike has since rubbished the claim by the families arguing they are not “honest”.

He further challenged the families to go and check at his law firm whether he pocketed K19 million from the money they got from the government.

The families of the 20 July 2011 demanded government to compensate them following death of their relations when police opened fire at protesters during anti-government demonstrations.

20 people got killed while others got injured during the demonstrations which occurred during the reign of late President Bingu wa Mutharika.



  1. Ndalama zatuluka kale nthawi yomweyi kut mpakana lawyer adye??? Umboni tili nawo woti lawyer wadya????? Phuma dikilan

  2. He is challenging them kuti amumange…if what the family is saying is true osamumangisa bwanj?no one is above the law….that means the family has no proof.. Or else quietly go to court if the matter is true

  3. As long as one involves or engages lawyer in a personal or official matter, it must be known that it is a lawyer who wins or loses. A lawyer can not therefore be accused of wrongdoing. A lawyer needs money. He can not win case and leave it to accused

  4. Well done! A good and visionary lawyer! Kumaionera patali! That money has no bonafide claimant. The purported victims were looters who were shot by police in trying to control the situation. The police had no crowd control equipment then. Now these people found a way to siphone money from the poor public purse. Apapa it’s like akuba abelana! Well done! Well well done! Asakulire moyo odalira

    1. Chamba singapose kufunira akuba zabwino. Pa July 20, 2011 kunali a ma demo(onse alimoyo ndinena pano) ndi othyola ma shop ndi nyumba zawanthu, ena anaphedwa. Izi ndinaziona ndi maso anga

    2. I was in town this day and was working with the very same lawyer akuti wawadyera dolla yo. We saw it happening. These people were indeed looting Man Kay.

  5. Most people think positive when money is not there but once their pockets are full people thinks very little ahead. Now theyre saying this because the money that was given to them have been misused and poverty still amalgamates them. Assuming if the money given to them they had invested it properly could they have been saying all this?

  6. the good thing Human rights activists have vowed to look into this matter if really its true,I can see these crooks swallow their pride

  7. This Lawyer George Jivason Kadzipatike is very crooked. He has embezzled a lot of compasation money of his clients and i wonder why the Malawi Law Society fails to discipline him

    1. Malawi law society[MLS] Where are you? we are demanding the head of this unscrupulous lawyer.We will not relent until we see justice being delivered.So disgusting when we ponder how our brothers were butchered in cold blood.

    2. Malawi Law Society, please help us to discipline this lawyer, his reputation is too bad, where are you Malawi Law Society? Please assist us!!!

  8. The lawyers must come out clearly in defence of their reputation with a computation of their transaction thereabout otherwise this is very disgusting.This cant be condoned.We appeal to them to do as we demand.

  9. but if the have shared 11million only this means 19 million is with a lawyer, simple arithmetic. 30 million-11million=19million.

  10. Malawian lawyers akungokhalira kuba ndalama za anthu,kukhalira kugula magalimoto odula using stolen money.Pocketing 19 million as legal fees???God have mercy on this thief called kadzipatike.shame on you,taking advantage of the poor,you will never know peace the stupid learned lawyer.

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