Govt has a long way to go to deal with corruption

George Chaponda

A political scientist in the country says there is a long way to go before government can convince Malawians that it wants to end corruption.

This is coming at a time when the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has arrested former minister of agriculture George Chaponda and Director of Transglobe Rashid Tayub on allegations of corruption in the purchase of maize from Zambia last year.

George Chaponda
Wonderful Mkhutche: the nation is still following how the case will end

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, one of the political scientists in the country Wonderful Mkhutche said government has done well in the arrests but Malawians are waiting for results.

“Government still has miles to go before it convinces the nation that it is serious with the fight on corruption. So far so good. But the nation is still following how the case will end,” said Mkhutche.

He added that it was worth it for ACB to take time to investigate Chaponda.

“ACB needed all the time to find out facts on the case so that Chaponda does not need to be victimized. He has to be answerable to things there is evidence on. But finally a step has been taken by ACB and that is commendable,” he said.

Mkhutche further said Chaponda need to be answerable for his actions as there are concerns that government and the ruling party will protect him.



  1. Let us all declare what we have and document source of income. This is how we shall fight corruption. Note that as I am talking now, huge amounts of government tax payers money is being deposited into personal accounts to acquire land, plots, estates, mansions …..Personal cars, concubines and filling stations. I am here to see that everybody supports the idea or no?

  2. Maka boma LA chitsiru ichichi kunsava zonena Ife eni dziko, kukakutopetsa kunjako bwanji osabwera. Kodi munayiwalako chiyani Ku Malawi kuno??l
    Mukanakhala ndi money bwezi piano mukudya misonkho ya amphawi.

  3. Corruption Never End To De World Even Bible Do Corrupt When Dat Woman Mwana Amakonda Kumupasa Chikopa Chaubweya Cha Nyama Ngati Asaul Ndizabible Izi Mwina Bible Simuliziwa Ndipo Ozindikila Achta Umboni Osazindikila Asusananane Apm Go Deeper

  4. If you beat up a Malawian child, and console him with biscuits, and ask him, who beat you? He will point at someone else. That’s how corruption started in Malawi. It’s like a disease now which need proper cure.

  5. We need to help government in fighting corruption. Some of us shout of corruption and tomorrow, you find yourself bribing a police officer on the road; probably because your vehicle is not road worthy. Then you go home and complain to your spouse of corruption on the road when you are the one doing the same. Government can only handle high level corruption cases. We have to hold hands with the other forms of corruption if we have to clean up the country of the vice.

    1. Yeah it can start with us but oyenelera kusintha ndi akuboma azikana ziphuphuzo ena samafuna kupanga ziphuphuzo koma amaona kuti zawo zichedwa malinga ndimmene akugwilila ntchito aboma

    2. @ Daniel, no. But that cannot be compared to the corruption that takes place when one is awarding a government contract to a company. That’s why even judges consider the gravity of cases when passing on sentences to offenders.

    3. No, we can’t manege to root out corruption on our own, the one who has the power of exctive can do this, but if he himself is failing to fight against corrupt the who can manege?

  6. i think in malawi corruption wil not cease bcause it start way 2 far..starting 4rm those in power and our one and bigest problem in every sector iz selfishness and pipo r also greedy..they b lyk i shud have this 4 ma yeah it wil b hard 4 dem to convice us because they r starting’s follow da leader game

  7. and another corruption in the NGOs,cso’s etc. So corruption is a desease for everybody and everybody is responsible for the cure.

  8. and another corruption in the NGOs,cso’s etc. So corruption is a desease for everybody and everybody is responsible for the cure.

  9. I doubt if Malawi government will manage to root out corruption in our country, because almost all politicians are thieves and corrupt.

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