Wearing uniforms, putting on IDs is a must – health workers told


The Medical Council of Malawi (MCM) has told health workers in the country that wearing uniforms and putting on identity cards (IDs) is mandatory.

According to a statement issued by MCM, the council has observed that many health workers in the country do not wear uniforms and IDs which is against the profession’s ethics.

Malawi nurses

Health workers urged to wear uniforms

“Medical Council of Malawi has noted with concern that most Medical, Dental, Paramedical and Allied Health Professionals who are supposed to wear uniforms and put on IDs whilst on duty do not do so,” reads the statement.

“Council would like to remind all practitioners that wearing uniforms is mandatory as demanded by the norms of the profession for identity and safety purposes therefore expects total compliance on the matter.”

MCM has since asked proprietors of health facilities and controlling officers to enforce this requirement so that members of the public are spared from practitioners’ identity problems.

According to the statement, practitioners who continue to work without putting on uniforms and IDs will face disciplinary hearing.

MCM was established under the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Act with the aim to control and regulate the medical profession and practice in Malawi in order to protect the general public.



    • that syndrome can’t be eliminated even with IDs and Uniforms it will be there! In Banks they are given names tags, but how many put on these! Its an internal issue not up to extent of writing in media.

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