HRCC wants speedy prosecution of Chaponda

George Chaponda

The Malawi Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC) has urged the Judiciary to speed up the case of former minister of agriculture and water development

George Chaponda
George Chaponda: HRCC want him prosecuted quickly

saying citizens want justice to prevail.

The sentiments follow concerns that cases involving influential people are usually delayed.

Reacting to Chaponda’s arrest, HRCC has urged the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) and office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to work together to avoid adjournments that delay cases in court.

HRCC executive director Robert Mkwezalamba has also commended ACB for arresting Chaponda over his role in the maize procurement scandal.

“Our prayer is that we would not want to see a repeat of so many cases just hanging or gathering dust because we are meant to believe ACB is not still investigating, by arresting him they have completed the investigation,” said Mkwezalamba.

The arrest of the former cabinet minister follow reports of dubious transactions during the purchasing of maize from Zambia at the height of the hunger crisis last year.

Chaponda was also found with huge sums of money in both foreign and local currency at his house.

The reports led President Peter Mutharika to fire him from his cabinet as ACB was investigating the two issues that made headlines on the local media.

Chaponda is yet to appear in court to answer charges of corruptly performing public functions, misuse of public office and possession of foreign currency contrary to sections 25 (A) and 25 (B) of the Corrupt Practices Act and regulation 25 A (1) of the exchange control regulations as read with section 3 of the Exchange Control Act respectively.



  1. Ndi chifukwa chiyani mukuchedwetsa khani Chilungamo mukuchidziwa amalawi akatukwana mudziti Walakwitsa eee malamulo akumalawi ndiwopusa kwambiri coz munthu yemwe waba thumba lamakala no more bello thts stupt

  2. It’s surprising that they say they want “a speedy trial for just to prevail”. Isn’t that bigotry? How can just prevail in a speedy trial? Or are you trying to mean that you already know how this is gonna end so the courts shouldn’t waste time on this case? I thought where human rights are taken into consideration so many things put spanners in the wheels of justice in the name of human rights? And to hear a human rights body talk about ‘speedy trial’ just reminds us of how myopic are some of the people we trust to be the ones who know about human rights better.
    If the rights of Dr Chaponda are to be respected, then forget about this dream of a ‘speedy trial’.
    I think we should be saying ‘let justice prevail’ because we don’t know how this is going to end.

  3. In Malawi court cases for big people take long and mind you this man is too well connected so my advice only goes to chaponda to start jogging to hell because l believe there’s no room for him in heaven

  4. Rip Mr Chaponda. I mean rest in prison where you belong. Your political connections will not help fearing the party to loose elections 2019. So you are on your on. The party is loosing people due to this.

  5. Hey not only Chaponda pitani ku gate lalikulu pali zithunzi za mikango ameyonso akufunika kundende.Osaopa pa ntchito yanu malipiro ndi misonkho ya a Malawi.Gwirani mapuyayoooooooo!!!

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