Devil forced me to escape, prison escapee tells court

Malawi Prison

A prison escapee has accused the devil of forcing him to escape Nkhotakota Prison where he was serving a two year jail term.

Shida Kennedy Kambora, 23, saw the world crumbling in his hands when magistrate Fred Juma Chilowetsa of Nkhotakota magistrate court sentenced him to serve a jail term of six months for the offence of escaping prison in addition to two years of ‘burglary and theft.’


The convict escaped from Nkhotakota prison where he was serving a two-year jail term after a ‘burglary and theft’ charge.

The charge levelled against him, escaping from a lawful custody, is classified as a misdemeanour which contravenes section 115 of the penal code and attracts a maximum sentence of a two year jail term.

Before the sentencing, state prosecutor sergeant Cedrick Cosmas said the behaviour of the accused put at risk the jobs of warder as authorities lose trust in officers due to such uncalled for tendencies of unrepentant inmates.

He further said that the misconduct of the suspect has shown that he is not ready to change.

In mitigation, the suspect pleaded to the court to be lenient when passing the sentence and promised to be a good citizen.

“It was the power of the devil that drove me to do this. I opted to run away with an aim to complete my education since am a student,” he said.

However, magistrate Chilowetsa sentenced him to six months imprisonment with hard labour.

Shida Kennedy Kambora hails from Chilowe village in the area of Senior Chief Kanyenda in Nkhotakota district.



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