Warders’ strike violating prisoners’ rights


The Centre for Human Rights Education, Advice and Assistance (CHREAA) has expressed worry over the strike by prison warders arguing it is violating rights of offenders in Malawi.

Prison warders in Malawi downed tools in demand of salary harmonization with Malawi police officers and workers at Immigration Department.

Malawi Prisons

Mhango; The striker is a violation of prisoners’ rights

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24 on Tuesday morning, CHREAA executive director Victor Mhango described the strike to be a violation of prisoners’ rights in Malawi.

“Some were supposed to be going to hospitals for treatment but they are not getting that hospital service, others take special meals from relatives and they are not getting that food, this is a violation of their rights,” said Mhango.

Since Friday last week prison warders have been boycotting work to demand government to address their concerns on salary harmonization.

Earlier, minister of home affairs and internal security Grace Obama Chiumia told Malawi24 that the warders did not follow procedures for their issue to be taken on board.

Reports reveal that warders at Chichiri prison have resumed work after days of striking.



  1. There suffering isn’t a crime right so what is your job as human rights commission. You are now coming into a party commenting on every jack and Joe story that happens in Malawi but never follow up on grievances

  2. when was this fucken human rights group established? So according to this fucken NGO what prison warders experienced was not a human right violation but what the warders have done is human right violation kkkkkkk chindele chakufikapo.

  3. And the govmnt is violating warderers right…..by not hearing their griviances..the root cause of all this is govermnt for pinut payments that does match with the living cost of living in malawi…..unless we deal with the root cause…then we expect no change

  4. Prison warders are humans and are employees. They deserve better working conditions. They deserve better salaries. They deserve promotions. Of all the security officers within the department of home affairs, prison warders are looked down upon very much. They are considered people of less importance. But these guys are equally important and they have families to look after. Let them strike, it’s their right. And human rights organisations aren’t sincere enough. They are looking at prisoners’ welfare but how about the warders’? Where I fail to understand is how the employer, the govt, is taking too long to address prison warders’ grievances.

  5. CHREAA mmalo mozuzula boma mukuzuzula ma warders?what type of NGO r u?akaidi akuvutika cifukwa cha boma not ma warders b4 u talk u should know the root causes of the strike akaidi atulukamo mndendemo okha ngati cilonda cophulika cokha ndipamene boma lingapenge mkaidi akatopa amapanga zaukaidi boma lizapanga hayala a police ndi MDF anyapala atalutsa mukuona ngati masewera kulibe masiku zicitika zoopsa kuposa apa

    • Kkkk pepani bwana we are not getting that amount…..the thing is wnted salary hamonisation wt our colleagues….tonse timalandira zofanan but this month zimafuna zisinthe.but am happy that u understand how tough things are on the market.