No love lost between me and Chilima – APM

Peter Mutharika Saulos Chilima

President Peter Mutharika has said that there’s nothing wrong between him and his Vice, Saulos Chilima.

Speaking at a rally in Lilongwe on his return from Blantyre, Mutharika rubbished reports that the relationship between him and his deputy was sour.

Peter Mutharika Saulos Chilima
Mutharika: No love lost

“Don’t listen to what people are saying, there’s nothing wrong between me and Chilima,” said Mutharika at the rally.

Mutharika described Chilima as his beloved son and could not fight him for that reason.

“Chilima is my favorite son, go and tell anyone who thought we are fighting,” he said.

There had been speculations that Mutharika and his deputy was not seeing eye to eye with most people claiming that the ruling Democratic Progressive Party did not want Chilima on the table with Mutharika.

Speaking at the same rally, Chilima said that he was DPP and would keep fighting for the party.




  1. someone is coming to be a running mate.MCP sizamwana even ku state house ikudziwa kuti Chakwera ndi Mia aponda mwala.

  2. Time will tell dont worry.Malawians are not fools,mukunamiza ndani? 2019 will tell.Next year SC will be dumped believe me or not.

  3. People have been talking a lot about their relationship. Both APM & SC have been ignoring the rumors. The silence was construed as the rumor to be true. Now the president talks about the rumor and you people start to talk nonsense. From the way the two interact and their wives enjoy together only a fool would believe there is a crack between them. When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign that the dunces are all confederate against him. Mutharika and Chilima are true geniuses. And the dunces lose their precious time talking about them. Nobody will spend time talking about fools in these other parties, no, they want to focus their efforts on the genius APM.

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  5. If he reaches a point of saying something like this, it just means something is really not good btwn these two guys. I assume.

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