LWB apologises over tap water contaminated with sewage


The Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) has said it is saddened after residents in Area 18 in the city on Tuesday received water that was contaminated with sewage.


Contaminated water

The board was reacting to concerns from residents in Area 18A who complained that water which was coming from taps had a muddy colour and a terrible stench.

“I am almost certain the water coming out of the taps of Area 18A is from a sewer,” one resident Justin Kamwendo wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

The board said this happened because one of the supply pipes burst underground and near the vicinity, a broken sewer system was emitting sewer water and this water sipped into their supply pipe.

According to a statement released on Tuesday after the incident was reported, LWB workers rushed to close the supply line and started working on the broken pipe.

Meanwhile, the water supply line has been maintained and disinfected and is now being monitored to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned.

The board disclosed that it will further visit each household in the affected area to test their supply to verify the water’s fitness for human consumption.

On Tuesday, residents in the area were being supplied with clean water from a mobile water bowser.



  1. So if someone says I don’t drink your water pamabwera cadet amvekere mwaonatu amalawi this party is not good ,then I wounder that every thing is being polisized in Malawi why

  2. Better you are sad but some who used the water are sick I suggest take out your sadness and compasate these people who are sick considering that you bring huge bills without thinking you will do such mistake.Remember he who does nothing makes no mistakes as your customers you need also to understand us that a bill can not just jump from 7000 to 250,000 its magic

  3. Malingana ndi mtolankhani wathu ku zaululika studios ,prince chapera akuti Peter walamula kuti mwezi uno onse aku area 18 salipira bill ya madzi powapepesa…..

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    • Kkkkkk its true bro they have to be grabbed to court because sewage is very dangerous, it harbour diseases and it has definitely affected their lives besides losing trust with the board

  8. Mbuzi zimenedzi zikufunika kukazisumila,i think akumatiomjedza poti alipo okha the whole malawi,anthu omwe amwa madzi oipawo akapedzeka adwala lilongwe water board iwatengera kuchipatala?yet we malawians we pay to get that water,andikwiitsa kwambiri.

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  10. Let me try to translate it into chichewa,A bungwe loona zamadzi mumzinda wa Lilongwe akupepetsa makasitomala awo makamaka aku Area 18 chifukwa choamwetsa madzi osakanikirana ndi zonyasa zamchimbuzi.LWB imudziwe Yesu ndi ophunzira ake aja kupatula Alfonso “YUDAS” Chikuni.

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