Govt geared to control armyworms


Government through the ministry of agriculture has assured farmers in the country that it is putting in place all necessary measures to control armyworms in the next growing season.

Speaking to local media, spokesperson for the ministry Hamilton Chimala said the ministry is doing all it can to control the pests.

Armyworms: Destroys crops. (Google image).

He said government has so far distributed chemicals as a control measure for the pests and has workers who are telling farmers what to do.

“We have foot soldiers on the ground as l am speaking, they are mobilising and sensitizing farmers across the country on ways of dealing with armyworms,” he explained.

Chimala added that the ministry has told extension workers to make sure that farmers are following proper measures of dealing with the pests.

According to Chimala, government is also working with neighbouring countries to find ways of quickly fighting armyworm outbreaks.

He however said in some areas the ministry is encouraging the use of local measures for controlling the armyworms.




  1. This exercise is taking much time. This is the best time to control these worms. If the country becomes green every where, you will have a daunting task. It will be like a wild fire…. Ndi mavuto mukuyang’anirawa…

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