APM starts getting like Bingu: fights donors and CSOs

Peter Mutharika.

President Peter Mutharika has hit at donors and local Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) who have questioned the implementation of the $500 million Lake Malawi water project saying they should not try to run this country because they are foreigners.

He also warned international institutions against disrupting development projects which his government is implementing.

Lake Malawi
Plans to tap water from Lake Malawi have raised questions

The president made the remarks at Biwi Triangle in Lilongwe when he was coming from Blantyre.

Mutharika’s government awarded a contract to billionaire Simbi Phiri’s Khato Civils to lay a pipeline that will pump 50 million litres of water a day from Lake Malawi in Salima to Lilongwe. The engineering firm will also conduct a feasibility study for the project.

Recently, donors asked government not to flout procedures when implementing the project.

This has angered the president who has accused the donors and CSOs of trying to derail the water project.

“Let me warn some CSOs and some foreigners who are sabotaging the water programme from Salima to Lilongwe. They are coming with all sorts of things. Let me tell them, you are visitors here, you are here not to run this country.

“This country is a sovereign nation. Don’t try to run this country or sabotage our programmes,” Mutharika said.

He further stressed that the project, also known as the Salima-Lilongwe water project, will continue so that water problems in the capital city should be dealt with.

“In 4-5 years we will do this programme from Salima to Lilongwe. There is no other choice because of the crisis.

“If nothing is done, we will have a crisis, there will be no water in the city of Lilongwe,” Mutharika said.

He then lashed out at colonialists saying they were in this country for 73 years and never did any development.

The president also attacked late president Kamuzu Banda claiming that he led the country for 31 years but left the country with 64 per cent of the people below the poverty line.

Mutharika however appealed for patience so that his government should develop Malawi.

“So all I’m asking is for you to give me time,” Mutharika said.



  1. We don’t need white people to be telling us what to do, this our country and for us to develop we need to do it our way, who was there in their country when they were doing development agenda… No need to lick their boots… Let them go

  2. Folks have you noticed a fake post up there using a Malawian name.Surprisingly no friend from Malawi.One picture only.I wonder if this person can speak any of our local languages.Eiiish these people.

  3. Hahaha you people. Azakunyenyani nyenyanitu ameneyu.Musakhale ngati mwamwa madzi ometera ndevu.Oh yes! He will smoke you out wherever you are hiding makamaka iwe munthu wa ku Karonga iwe ndi human right akowo.

  4. Donors simply want to know how you spend the money Peter . Give answers and stop shouting at them. Where is the money? The project is not progressing at all. Why shouting? Remember you are also a foreigner. You stayed 31 years out Malawi without a single visit. Your daughter visited Malawi at 43 years since birth. You think we are fools. Stupid Mr President leave Malawi alone and for Malawians

    1. Only if you are one of donor funds abuser. You can’t repeat Bingu mistake. All you thieves you survive but what about local Malawians who need that donation. The money was given so just liquidate it. Finish. I don’t see APM building Malawi but his future in America

  5. We Malawians we,r full of shit do u think u can come and change things only for 1 year….? I don’t see any body wise like him the man who can stand and oppose the nonsense…..don’t say yes for everything just bcz there donors and white people no….this man is trying to tell them the trueth..now we r talking nonsense how kind we r..?

  6. donors must know their limit, and respect the leader, we should not accept everything from them we need to tell them their limit mr President more fire azadeweza

  7. Most of us have no eyes to see good and have no brains to comprehend cardinal matters. We are only driven by a sense of accusation. Donors SHOULD be made to know their position, to donate if so they wish and not to lead. Big up APM, bravo!

    1. Donors will always refrain from donating when they see money being poured into useless white elephant projects which only serve to funnel money into the pockets of officials. I would expect nothing less of them, and thank goodness they do it, otherwise Malawians would never know of the hundreds of millions of dollars already wasted or stolen…

  8. All we want is; always our president should look after the nation, to try to develop the people, & not to get rich themselves, that’s what people they want; so if he asks for help from those International countries or, other organizations to help us, he should not getting angry, when ever they want to know where their money will work? Because they are the one who offers the money; which kind of the person is? It’s their concern if such help doesn’t leech to the people

  9. what kind of time do you need baba. escom black out ,farming materials gone up outcome low prices u r such kind of a dull we cant resten to your empty brain baba. change or els u shall see. vote ndi mu mtima

  10. transparancy & accountability are vital in democratic gvnance,bingu mudayamba ndinkutu ku gontha & makani then mukudzwa kale,watch out!!

  11. It is time for us all to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever – the one who recognizes the challenges and does something about it.

  12. Anthu akuMALAWI NDI AMALAWIDI .Palibe chamzeru chomwe angayankhule kuposa kunyoza mtsogoleri wawo,komatu amalawi mufune musafune ameneyi mukuti mutu wake sukuyenda bwinoyu ndiye ali mtsogoleri wanu,komanso nthawi zina tisamayankhulire zinthuzi umbuli.

  13. Koma ndiye you are murdering the queens language….APM starts getting like Bingu….APM wayamba kukhala ngati bingu LMAO….Journalism ilipo apa Eishhh…osangolemba chichewa bwanji!

    1. magraduate ongokhoza anzanu chingelezi basi….mwaiwala kut chingelezi sichathu bola akanalakwisa Chichewa tikanati mukhozeni

    2. Harlord and Gome..you missed my point…completely..it seems you are fine with mediocrity…well I am not so let’s agree to disagree…ur comments about graduate and secondary school bla blah are unnecessary so I will toss them into the gabbage bin with the contempt they deserve….

    3. English is a language n the purpose of language is communication, if you know what I mean you will never bother checking pples grammar on social media like you are an English teacher

  14. Ma donors akufuna aonesetse kuti ndalama zao zigwiradi ntchito osati zipite ku ndata so ayenera kupanga dictate.Ma cadet simungavetse bcoz umbuli too much ntchito kunyamula zikwanje

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  16. Donors should not dictate.They should work with the national leadership and support their development plans.Their role should be monitoring how their funds are being utilised to avoid abuse.CSO’s should be actively involved in speeding Malawi development rather than sabotaging.Be patriotic WANGANYA MWE!!! CHILAMBO CHETU ACHI NGAWA CHA ASYUNGU!!!

    1. I guess its you Prince Prince Chapera who is stupid if I may borrow his words. You are a propagandist and all the hate that you have against the president is because you have an interest of your own. I have followed all your comments but you seem to be an empty vessel. That will end you into nothing. A donor has to support if he wants not lead me. I can as well tell people supporting me not to and no one can question. Uzikagwira ntchito osati udzingolandira

    2. U sound empty yourself and just shut up. I know what am saying. You think you have followed me? That’s the little I allowed you to know about what I know about Peter and you are yet to know more.

  17. “thy blame game come there will be chaos as defence lies in faillure- Hereditus”

    Kamuzu ruled for 31yrs and left 64% before poverty lines- APm……what’s the rationale behind this statement where was APM to fix the 64 % into a a rich line?…search me…

    they shld not try to run thus country koz they are foreigners- APM….. ” times ah those u point someone a foreigner jus to realise a foreigner is you- Augustus”……

    Blame game will jus bring chaos…….koz of failure from articulating real issues……whilst pointing figures …..at critics…..grow up Mr P

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    1. Wa misala akamawona anthu abwino amawona ngati openga ndi anthu abwinowo.

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