Veteran poet dies

Veteran poet Nankhoma has died aged 46. According to Poetry Association of Malawi (PAM) vice president Immulanie Makande, the poet died on Saturday at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Blantyre.

Makande described the death of poet Nankhoma whose real name is Chrissy Mkwate as a loss to the poetry fraternity in the country.

“I and fellow poets are grieving at the demise of Mlakatuli Nankhoma, a poet of this land. Nankhoma was one of the poets who, despite gaining little, kept writing and reciting especially in vernacular,” Makande told Malawi24.

Mlakatuli Nankhoma
Mlakatuli Nankhoma no more

“As a female poet, we cannot underestimate challenges she fought through her poetry journey. No home is this world, may her soul rest in peace.

Wisdom lost, but we will never forget,” He said. In a separate interview, Robert Chiwamba told Malawi24 that Nankhoma was a role model to many including him.

“Nankhoma was one of my role models I grew up looking up to. I grew up listening to a host of poets on Joy Radios Patsinde program.

It is her and Nyamalikiti who inspired me,” Chiwamba told Malawi24.

According to Chiwamba, Nankhoma was creative and always made sure that her pieces were both educative and entertaining, a thing that he learnt and try to use always.

“I am very saddened now that we have lost two people who I had great respect of in the same year. First it was Nyakwawa Usiwa Usiwa and then now this.

I will forever cherish the role they played in my life. “By the way I included her in a poem in which I gave respect to poets in my second album,” He added.

Late poet Chrissy Mkwate popularly known as Nankhoma was born on 11th August 1970. The poet was also a primary teacher at Namasimba Primary School in Zomba.

She was from Lipoche village, Traditional Authority Chikowi in Zomba district where she will also be laid to rest on Tuesday.



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