Northern netball has new committee

After elections at national level, Northern Region Netball Association on Saturday elected new executive committee members.

During the elections, Chancy Munthali was re-elected chairperson of the association while the position of vice chairperson went to Lumbani Ng’ambi.

Tamara Fweta won the position of general secretary with Levi Mkumbila as his vice, Catherine Sharma as treasurer and Janet Chiumia as vice treasure.

Alick Mhone, Funny Kumwenda, Kennie Phiri and Killy Msuku are the new committee members.
Brian Gausi who is General Secretary for Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) said he was happy that the elections were free and fair elections.

“As general secretary at national level I came to conduct this election and am happy that all has ended well and there were free and fair elections,” said Gausi.

Chancy Munthali who was re-elected as chairperson said this time they will work hard to find sponsorship.
“This time we are about to find sponsorship so that northern region netball should be growing.

“Since Nico Insurance pulled out, netball here in the north has been moving downward,” he said.
Munthali promised netball fans in the north that during the next four years the sport will be well run.