Malawi politicians have fear of unknown – Govt


Government through the ministry of home affairs and internal security has described opposition parties’ claims that Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) will use national identity cards (IDs) to rig elections as “fear of the unknown”.

The sentiments follow accusations by Malawi Congress Party (MCP) who claimed that the national identity cards are to help DPP rig the 2019 general elections.

Grace Chiumia
Chiumia says national registration exercise not meant to rig elections.

But the ministry, which the project is under, has brushed aside the reports arguing the identity cards are to help identify eligible voters in the country during elections.

Speaking during a media interaction on Saturday in Blantyre, minister of home affairs and internal security Grace Chiumia disclosed that identity cards are to help in development of the country.

“Malawians have fear of unknown, especially politicians, this card is just to help to identify eligible voters nothing else, the leader will be chosen by God through people,” said Chiumia.
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Chief Technical Advisor Tariq Malik disclosed that IDs help in preventing rigging.

“I have been in some countries for the same project where the identity cards helped to prevent rigging, it is here in Malawi that I have learnt that IDs help rigging,” said Malik.

Malawi government through the National Registration Bureau (NRB) is implementing the National Registration Program to issue IDs to Malawian citizens.

So far, Malawians in districts such as Nkhotakota, Mchinji, Dedza and Kasungu have been registered.




  2. Ndizomvetsa chisoni kuti omwe akulota kuti angalamule zikoli ndiosazindikira.Inu koma mukufuna kuzakhala atsogoleri kapena ai?,kodi akupangitsa ma ID WA ndi adpp okha?.Tsopano ukusatilani sazagwilitsa ma Id povota?mukamasusa,mumasusira kuti zinthu ziyende bwino kapena kuti zionongeke?,ngati mukulephera pakususa mungalamule INU?.Ingovomelezani kuti uyu simumutha 2019.Anthu odana ndizabwino inu.

  3. can’t they have a plan for them to rig the elections in 2019 if they are optimistic that rigging can assist any party to win the elections? What about for them to follow up the very same procedure?

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  5. The question should be how to them?…..they should come up with an explaination on this?…..u are talking as if malawi is the first country to have this programme. That disease of politicising everything should be removed in you, can’t u support this development for the first time?

  6. Nawo awa mantha ndi ziri zonse. God is on the side of poor malawians come 2019, you shall see all His Mighty Hand when He will kick this government out rigging or no rigging.

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