Man sent to prison for attempting to kill himself


The Machinga first grade magistrate court on Thursday sentenced a 21-year-old man to 10 months in jail for trying to commit suicide.

Machinga police spokesperson Davie Sulumba identified the convict as Fanizo Silimu whose offence is in conflict with section 229 of the penal code.

Presenting facts in court, state prosecutor Kesten Chimwala who is based at Nselema police post told the court  that Silimu who stays with his mother at Nselema trading centre has for so long been accused of being stubborn at his home.

The state prosecutor further said on July 11 this year Silimu’s mother gave him K5,000 for him to go back to his home village in Zomba after he had been quarrelling with a servant who was employed to assist the woman in her business of selling second hand clothes.

“Instead of going to Zomba, Silimu went to drink Super Midoli beer and then he went straight to his room at a rest house where he took a rope and tied it to the planks to hang himself,” Sulumba said.

“However, in the process his friend who wanted to chat with him arrived and rescued him before he committed suicide.”

Chimwala said the law enforcers arrested Silimu after the matter was reported to Nselema police post where upon interrogations he revealed he wanted to kill himself because his mother told him to go to his home village.

After Silimu pleaded guilty, prosecutor Chimwala asked the court to impose a custodial sentence to the convict saying at his age he was supposed to realise that life is precious.

Later, first grade magistrate Johns Masula sentenced Silimu to 10 months in jail with hard labour without any option of a fine.

Fanizo Silimu comes from Mpalume village in the area of Traditional Authority Mwambo of Zomba district.



  1. Oh foolish jugement. Chaii Africa please not time for imprisonment. If you do so will seems to him as what I may call from frying pan to fire. He needs encouraging not torturing or blaming at this point in time.

  2. Kodi akadzatuluka sangadzadziphebe? Oweluza akungoweluza popeza mwayi otchulidwa kuti ngoweluza wapezeka. Apa palibe chanzeru chomwe chaweluzidwa. Nanga atakadziphera kundende konko chilango chanu phindu lake lidzakhala chani?.Ndakhumudwa ndichigamulo chanu.

  3. Inu a judge!!! Ndinu a tulo et????? Mesa timanfunsa kaye munthuyo! Chifukwa chan amafuna kuzipha???? Akayankha kut chifukwa chamkaz; timapita kumene kuli akazi ndikukatapa ndikumpasa! Akanena kut chifukwa cha umphawi, timatenga ndalama zomwe akusunga Chaponda zija ndi kumgawira! Bas nkhani yatha! Tsopano miyez 10 kundende akazatuluka kumeneko mavuto amene amafuna kuzipherawo azapeza atatha?????

  4. Our judiciary leaves a lot to be desired. The whole court sitting down and imposing a 10months custodial sentence! This guy was supposed to be referred to the psychologists and the social welfare offices for counseling.
    We have the news that our prisons are overcrowded and these guys can’t see that. Even the prosecutor in this case is useless. Eish!!

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