Govt wants prison warders to go back to work


Malawi government through the Ministry of Home of Affairs and Internal Security has urged striking prison warders to go back to work arguing that government was already planning to address their grievances.

Prison warders in Malawi prison downed tools in demand of salary harmonization with Police and Immigration Officers in the country.

Grace Chiumia

Chiumia says talks are underway.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24 on Saturday afternoon, Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Grace Obama Chiumia said government was reviewing the functions of prison warders to be promoted according to their establishment.

Chiumia added that her ministry was yet to finalize reviewing the function of prison as it started with Police and Immigration Department in Malawi.

“I am going around the prisons to try to assure them that as government, we are working on it and to explain this to them if this was not explained to them, I would like to urge all officers to go back to work as usual so that they should maintain security in the prisons,” said Chiumia.

But reports reveal that Chiumia’s meetings with warders on Saturday were marred with glitches as some officers walked out of the meetings after disagreeing with the minister’s explanations on the matter.

Prison services and justice delivery came to a standstill on Friday as warders boycotted work due to salary harmonization issue.    The warders are not happy because government has promoted police and immigration officers to Grade M in Malawi government work system leaving the prison warders on a lower grade.



  1. I think someone is not doing his job (The Minister of Internal Security) u don’t just order the striking members to go back to work. U have to present your plans to their Union Representatives first. They are the ones who can call off the strike,after addressing their members about your proposals.

  2. Malawi, why wait for a crisis before taking appropriate action? I heard about realignment way back before 2006 and all this time we were idling waiting for strikes! Sometimes it is decent practice to have foresight in solving problems rather than waiting for strikes!

  3. Koma why did they turn away the home affairs minister who wanted to discuss the matter with them? Sakufuna zokambirana? I thought this was an opportunity for them to present their issues.