Crime to be released in August


Malawi’s prolific artist Soldier Lucius Banda has disclosed that he will release his album titled Crime in August on a date to be announced.

Banda who is popularly known as Soldier is well known for his tough stance against injustice.  As such, critical songs with a positive message are expected in Crime.

Lucius Banda

Lucius Banda: Releasing Crime next month.

Writing on his official Facebook page, Soldier said if he did not have children he would have been making love songs only but his children are the reason why he sings songs that do not go well with some quarters of the society.

“If I didn’t have children on this earth bwenzi ndikungoimba nyimbo za love to love (I would have been making love songs only), and kiss to kiss, and enjoy being loved by everyone, being given business by government the biggest customer for every product in Malawi,” Banda said.

The musician who is also a legislator disclosed that he comes up with songs that criticises some quarters including government in order to build a better Malawi that will be great for his children.

“I would like to leave my children in a better Malawi than this. So yes I will still talk about those issues that some of you love to hate,” he said.

Banda then asked all people in the country to support him by buying the album.

According to the musician, he wrote the thirteen songs on the album, which is his 19th, over a period of two years.

Banda is inspirational to many up-and-coming musicians in Malawi due to his consistency.

Over his long music career, he has groomed a number of well-known artists through his Zembani Band. The likes of Mlaka Maliro, and Billy Kaunda are products of his mentorship.



  1. He is the best and started criticizing the government long time ago but nothing changes. we will welcome the song by dancing and listening to it only.Malawi will neva change with songs.

  2. Malawi24 reporters need to improve on their reporting. It should be noted that their articles are read all over the world and as such, correct and clear English must be used at all times. For example, I could not figure out the meaning of ‘Bright’ Malenga’s article title of ‘Crime to be released in August’! It was only after going through the article that I realised he was ‘crime’ was the title of Lucius Banda’s new album! A suitable title could have read: Lucius Banda’s new album titled ‘crime’ to be released in August. These online reporters are a disgrace to Malawi because of their poorly written English grammar. It is clear that they are not trained and the are NOT university graduates, probably they are Form 4 dropouts!!!!

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