No break for Nyau King’s fans

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As Tola hit continues to excite Tay Grin fans internationally, the Malawian superstar is slated to thrill them with more songs in the coming months.

Tay Grin fondly known as Nyau King has disclosed that he is working on a number of songs that are to be released soon.

Tay Grin Malawi Music
No break for Tay Grin

Speaking during a media interaction with Blantyre based journalists on Friday after his Iceland tour, Tay Grin said he has collaborated with big music artists in the world in some of his upcoming hits.

“Many new hits, I was recording along the way, this week I have been in the studio finalizing songs to be released very soon, there are a lot of collaborations,” said Tay Grin.

He further tipped Malawian artists to look to meet the demand for African music in the world.

“My observation is that African music is doing well, talking about artists like Wiz Kid, Davido and some big Nigerian artists, people are demanding more African music, so it puts us in a situation that we need to be ready,” he said.

The Nyau King also hailed his tour to Iceland arguing more Malawian artists are to be featured in future festivals, as he has opened doors for artists in the country to make it on the international scene.

Tay Grin is among music artists that have raised the profile of Malawi through music.



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