Mugabe involved in an accident

At a moment that news making rounds is that the first children of Zimbabwe are about to be kicked out of South Africa for misbehaving, now it is the first family that is in the news.

South African media has reported that the wife of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has suffered minor injuries in an accident involving the presidential motorcade after the 93-year-old leader’s return from a trip for medical treatment.

State broadcaster ZBC reported that Grace Mugabe was taken to a hospital on Saturday to be treated for bruises on her right ankle following a “freak car incident”, and was later discharged.


Grace Mugabe
Grace Mugabe with her husband

State media have provided no further details on the accident, which happened after the Mugabes left the airport in Harare, the capital.

The couple had left for Singapore on July 7 in what Zimbabwean authorities described as a routine medical checkup for the president. It was Mugabe’s third trip to Singapore this year.

Grace Mugabe has assumed an increasingly political role in recent years.



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    2. Im in Zim and this news is as true as reported in the gvnt paper and all official news was actually 2 accidents within 30mns

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