6 years for raping biological daughter

Rape Malawi

The Malawi Magistrate Court in Nkhatabay district has sentenced Joseph Mphande, 60, to six years imprisonment with hard labour for raping his 22-year-old daughter.

State prosecutor Keston Chiona told the court that in March this year the girl asked for money from his father to start business. In reply, the father told his daughter that for her business to prosper, she needed a certain medication.

When she quizzed as to what type of medication was needed, the father told her daughter that they needed to have sex to which the daughter refused but on the nights of 3rd April and 28th May 2017, the father raped the young woman.

This prompted her to report the abuse to the village head who later took the victim to Usisya police unit.

The girl was referred to Usisya health centre where rape was confirmed. A few days later, Mphande was arrested and was charged with rape contrary to section 157 (1) of the penal code.

In Court, Mphande pleaded not guilty to the charge but three witnesses were paraded to prove his guilt and on July 12 he was found guilty.

In mitigation, Mphande said he is an orphan, an excuse that triggered laughter in the courtroom.

Passing sentence, First Grade Magistrate Anthony Banda decried Mphande’s behaviour saying as a father he was supposed to be providing protection to his daughter not to sexually abuse her.

He later slapped him with a six year jail term taking into consideration his age.

Joseph Mphande comes from Kaulanda village in the area of Traditional Authority M’bwana in Nkhatabay district.



  1. Hahahah kkkkkkkkkk Munthu wa zaka 60 kumat ndine wamasiye mundikhululukire kkkkkkk, nde winayo 22yrs mmhu Koma Abale, akakugwiran mukupnga zachiwelewere nde nkumat amandigwililira et? Kkkkk Drama yeniyeni

  2. It’s a pity I share the same surname with this shit of a person and worse still same district. Am changing my surname tomorrow.

  3. India has passed a law that quarenteed rapist to be jailed for life. Why you people not castrate this fool @40 to 60 or jailed for life. . All parts of Africa has different measures of foolishness. You go Uganda airport, it’s male immigration officers that rubbed women’s body From up to down in the name of checking whereas men supposed check men only. What a mentality.

  4. Wasungwana Wanyake Mba Bweka Bweka,Tuma Siketi Uto Wakuvwala Nkhanila Siliti Kufuma Pachanya Mpaka Pasi, Ntchafu Pawaka. Olo Lingawa Doda Nalo Mikoli Yingakalipa Nadi.

  5. The judge was merciful do not blame the girl bcuz she trusted her dad. Do you know how difficult it is to report thìs disgrace act.she would not reported it if she agreed to it

  6. Yep! 22 years munthu wamkulu sangazichingilize ameneyo? Koma naye mzibambo at am an orphan 60 yearssssssssssssssssssssss! Shame on hm.

  7. Only six years for raping his own biological daughter??? Chingomsiyani if you do not want him to go to jail for his crimes. Six years is nothing he will come out and commit the same crime!

  8. anthu ena muziyankhula ngati muli ndi nzimu, munthu amatha kugwililidwa olo ali ndi zaka 30,,, dont u kno the meaning of rape? that meanz abambowo apanga naye sex without her agreement, abambo amenewo akuyenera kulandira chilango choyenera not 6 years, age is not the matter the problem z kodi anthuwi anagwilizana kapena ayu ngati ngwilizano ochita zogonana panalibe that meanz amuchita rape

  9. nature of crime plus the complaint, all we are getting is stupidity of aman at its best… nthawi yomwe anangopeleka dandaulo limeneli, anafunika kumupanga double chigamulocho…

  10. at 22,she is old enough…she can even screem loud for nearby ppo to hear her or she can report to someone early aftr de rape if she was not willing

  11. One of the major harbingers of soon coming Saviour. Mmmm up to this extent ! God’s judgement is really unescapable to you. Vyaka nyomi mbwe ukuti ndiwe mlanda kkkk.

    1. Mhahaha I think in Malawi orphanhood has no age limit, cz as we’ve just seen, the court ruled in his favour as an orphan by giving him just 6yrs imprisonment

  12. Do you think that a 22 years girl can be raped? Expand your answer cz 22years old, she is old enough . She can run or do anything to protect herself.

    1. R serious with ur with ur question …she might have been abused from even before she was 22 and wheather she is 30 or 40 ,rape is rape period because she did not ask for it …common sense is need ed in such sensitive matters .

    2. Aah! komadi 22 si kholo limenero? zinazi timangopachikana,koma kundende sikopitisana chonchi bola mwana wang’ono ndipomveka,koma osat chi mzimayi ngati chimenechi

  13. Kkkkkk But This Man Is Laughable, 60 Years Can Be An Orphan? Munthu Ukalakwa Mkutengeledwa Kukhoti Nzeru Zimakuthera Kkkkkk

  14. That’s madness,why can’t u give him 15 years in jail?Kodi malamulo anuwo ndi momwe alili?6 years palibe chimene mwapanga,anthu oterewa ayenera to be in jail 4 a longtime kuti anthu ena atengelepo phunziro.

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