NGO bails out people with disabilities


A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) called Malawi Project Inc under Namikango Mission has donated wheelchairs to seven people at Ngabu in Chikhwawa district.

Speaking to Malawi24, Warehouse Manager of the organization Wilson Tembo said the donation has been made amid challenges faced by the beneficiaries in their day to day lives.

These women can now afford a smile.

Tembo told Malawi24 that one woman among the challenged people want to be an entrepreneur but she had no means of mobility.

“One of the challenged women, Malita Chaya said she has been hatching an entrepreneurial idea but since she has been crawling throughout the idea has been impossible.

“When provided with the wheelchair, she is determined that she will now continue to pursue her dream,” Tembo told Malawi24.

In her remarks, Felia Malora of Pachelo Charitable Trust said the wheelchairs will change the people’s lives for the better.

“We thank the Malawi Project Inc. USA and all those who work with it for supplying the wheelchairs to these people. These people were helpless, but now they will be able to run businesses, go to church, to school and visit their relations,” Mrs Malora said.

Group village headman Chambaluka of Traditional Authority Ngabu said the provision of the wheelchairs means a lot to him and the community.

“How could we get such things? Who can afford them? Although we could have wanted the people to walk, we couldn’t buy the wheelchairs without support,” GVH Chambaluka said.

Malawi Project Inc is a United States registered non-profit making organization but it is based in Zomba and it supplies various equipment to government facilities.

The organisation helps the country in the areas of education, health and agriculture where it provides drip irrigation kits and tractors to small farmers.



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