Asian boss exchange blows with Malawian worker


An Asian boss at Gazebo Restaurant in Lilongwe has exchanged punches with his Malawian worker, Malawi24 can report.

Malawi24 understands that the Malawian works as a chef at the restaurant.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the Malawian chef cooked food in the morning but the Asian man was not convinced with the cooking

He confronted the chef and later a fight broke up between the two.

Our reporter who was at the scene noted that the Malawian had spots of blood on the mouth while the Asian was left with a ripped shirt.

Police officers rushed to the place and picked up both the Asian and Malawian employee.

Initially, the officers wanted to only arrest the Malawian something which triggered anger among onlookers.

“Pick both of them. This is our country and these people must not take us for granted,” one Malawian said.

Currently, the two have been taken to Lilongwe Police Station for presentation of statements.

Police are yet to release full particulars of the Asian employer and the Malawian.

Gazebo Restaurant is situated at Old Town opposite People’s Shop in Lilongwe.



  1. Mm the problem is chuma cha malawi chili mmanja mwa amweye tangoganiza mwamakampany 100 macompany 80 ali mmanja mwa amwenye choncho dziko lingayende? Komanso ndi anthu okonda ziphuphu ambiri mwayiwo sakhoma msonkho kuboma

  2. The must be followed disregardless of colour or origin and the police of Malawi sometimes fools, why when two are fighting then u want to arrest one that is shupit

  3. Can that happened in Asia and the boss set free. They know that Africa is a lawless countries otherwise they would let him know that you can’t sit on the root of a nut tree and eat the nut. It’s insult and if nothing is done, in future are alien will copy the same in the of when Mr A did it nothing was done for him so llet me nothing will happen

  4. Land owners must always be respected and indeed if there is a problem with us they better take matters to relavant authorities as everybody does. No Malawian can do such a thing to an Asian in the Asians teritory at all cost,this is a clear sign that they are now deeping roots into our land.But we do not have our any land apart from this mother-land as our heir. Government must help us in such situations so as to make our land a better place for us to live without no intimidation from these foreigners!

    • What makes you think he is Indian, all asian looking people are not Indians. It would be calling a Malawian a zambian just by his looks. Get it, wake up man.

  5. No European no jobs, no Asians no jobs too,The problem is not those foreigners the problem is our government , it has less mandatory over wokers, Ku south Africa sangapange zimenezo nzungu amathawa anthu ogwira ntchito ngati wapanga zopusa, amwenyewo sangayerekeze kumufunthira wapano ndi chifukwa amalemba obwera. KU MALAWIKO OGWIRA NTCHITO AMAZUNZIKA MAKAMAKA GARDENER NDI DOMESTIC WORKER NDE NYANYI. BOMA Ndikutchuleni mu chizungu, government please take action on this.

  6. But for really malawian one day we need to cabinet and show them what is xenophobia.Why they don’t thank that malawian is a cool people. Government of Malawi also should address them how they can live with malawian cozy this is our land. Some of us we running away in South Africa for xenophobia so our hearts are still paining so if this Indian people here are fuck around we show them our pain hearts. And you mr president nothing you can do to us. So if you are carefully about them and should tell them that malawian we fighting them!!!

  7. Amwenye azolowera kunoso aliko omangokutha anyamata ndipo amasowa kokadandaula ndipo ndalira mofuula aku labour likondeni dziko lanu perekani malamulo okwanira amwenye asatase

  8. Vuto lake anzathu akuda omwe timagwira nawo ntchito pofuna kuoneka abwino kwa bwana amakhala mbali yabwanayo olo ali wolakwa.Ndinazionapo ine kwa SIKU transport.M’mwenye analamula azilonda kuti andikwapule nditalowa ndi truck kumpanda muli mipando yanga yasungwi yomwe ndinagula pa Liwonde ndikuchokera ku Sun’n Sand ku Mangochi.Nkhani inali yoti ndalama yamipando ndaitenga kuti? Ndinakadandaula ku police ya Blantyre komwe anandipatsa kalata ine ndemwe kuti ndikamutenge. Zoona?Ndinapitako kuti ndikangotenga licence yanga. Anzanga akuda omwe aja anandikhomerera pa gate mpaka m’mwenye sindinaonane naye. It took me 3 months licence yanga asanandipatse.From there I hurt the Indians and all their black guards.

  9. These Asians r running from their countries bcoz war but when they come to our country, they behave treat malawians like pigs. They must go back to their countries foolish people

  10. They allow them even to sleep with these Indian in the industry just because of the job women in kanengo they are in problem just to find peace work is to sleep with Indian boss why this rubbish in Africa the problem is us who tolerate this

  11. Amwenye must start to respect owners of the land! how long shall malawians will take to teach them Xenophia as other countries do? send them back to Barooch, sulat, panjab, bombay or gujrat, Bhenchooo

  12. Some Bosses disrespect themselves. How can you fight over food with ur worker. And after that you want the co-workers to respect you. How much is the food!. The guy would have damage one of ur eye so that you will learn a lesson.

  13. There z no thank u in India mwenye olo utamupangira chabwini bwanji amakutukwanabe vuto nd boma lathu, a immigration kmso a police they side with them coz they r too corrupt..

  14. Malawi government on its own plus ministry of labour doesn’t protect their people. In general as Malawians, we are not protected labour wise hence these nasty so called investors, come with that in mind to exploit us

  15. Somebody’s face has been re-arranged,Who won actually? The art of throwing punches in a precise calculation makes a good a fighter.

  16. Just like crying,fighting can’t solve a problem.Better involve mediation+arbitration,coz seems negotiation yielded that.Ngati anthufe timamvetsetsana,wat mo wth munthu vs mmwenye!Hybrid resolution!Luk!

  17. These pple r true oppressors and dictators over a blackman wherever they in Africa bcoz of their beliefs.Being rude with the say..dziko ndi wanu ndalama ndi wa ife…They lack respect of labour laws by being gud at exploiting workers

  18. Ndipo palibe munthu wokonda kudya ngati mmwenye…plus umve, makani, nsanje. Chinthu chimodzi cha zofooka zake :ndiwamantha heavy

  19. Whaaaat? Amphawi amenewa akutijaira heavy anathawa umphawi kwawoko akabwera matama chonsecho kwawoko anali ma beggars

  20. Munthu akugwira mu restraunt amati akadye mbatata zootcha pa Tsoka/Lizulu market wamchita bho & Immigration imufufuze ngati ndi legal papers yokhalira muno mwana wa njoka mwenye ameneyu

  21. Munthu akugwira mu restraunt amati akadye mbatata zootcha pa Tsoka/Lizulu market wamchita bho & Immigration imufufuze ngati ndi legal papers yokhalira muno mwana wa njoka mwenye ameneyu

  22. Amazolowela anthu amenewa kumamuyesa wantchito chitsilu palibe amene samalakwitsa ngakhale president amalakwa ndiye poti kumalawi muona a police akumuyikira kumbuyo mwenyeyo poti Ali ndalama koma pachilungamo sizinayenela kukhala choncho chifukwa mwini nthako saluza

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