HIV positive man rapes 4-year-old girl ‘to remove virus and get rich’


A 45-year-old Malawian man who is HIV positive in Mchinji district raped a 4-year-old girl on several occasions to cure his HIV and to get rich.

In an interview with Malawi24, Mchinji Police spokesperson Kaitano Lubrino confirmed the arrest of the man who has been identified as Peter Eliot.

Lubrino said the suspect who is on ARV treatment was arrested after the mother of the girl noticed a change in the size of the child’s private parts.

“The mother of the victim was bathing her child and that was the same time she realised that the girl had been sexually abused.

“The development angered the woman and she was prompted to report the issue to Gumba Police Unit where they were referred to Gumba Health Care for examinations,” Lubrino told Malawi24.

A medical report from the hospital disclosed that the child had been raped more than once and that she is HIV positive.

After being asked, the young girl mentioned the suspect (Peter Eliot) to be the man who has been raping her.

Police instituted a manhunt and arrested Eliot who confessed to have raped the child two times.

Elliot said he was instructed by a witchdoctor to have carnal knowledge of a virgin if he wanted to change his HIV status to negative and become rich.

Meanwhile police have charged Eliot with an offence of defilement which is contrary to section 138 of the penal code and he will appear in court in soon.

He hails from Chisaka Village, Senior Chief Mkanda in Mchinji district.



  1. Ish koma dzikori” ngati pari msika oguladi anthu chonde munthu amenei agulitsidwe ndalamazo apasidwe mwana ochitilidwa chipongwe chotelechi

  2. is the word rape correct in regardless to chikd?i think it should be defiled coz she is a chikd,had it been that she was a women could be raped

  3. Smh …this man needs a death sentence …that poor baby will never recover from the abuse he has done to her .I pray she gets all the help she needs

    1. gwalad sanagwilile zinal zopanga koma chomwe tinaona chinali chot ndalama yomwe anapeleka siyomwe anagwilizana

  4. Malawi must protect the female population by enacting the following the following long overdue laws: (1) Every convicted rapist must have his penis amputated (cut off). (2) Anyone who knowingly infects another person with HIV should be charged with a case of conspiracy to murder. This includes both male and female who hide from their partners / spouses that they are HIV positive, thus preventing them from making informed decisions. The amputation of rapists’ penises should be done by experts at Government facilities. These two measures would eradicate/drastically reduce cases of rape and HIV transmissions. Let Malawi be rapist-free and HIV transmission- free.

  5. Eeeeeee koma ameneyi ndi nyere yakeyo ofunika aone nayo zokhoma eishhiii if i were u i could hav jst neel down and ask him to make me rich than doing that stupid behaviour. Ndipo wangonditalikira mkanakukhoma 6inches bas mxiill

  6. Womupha munthuyu ndilipo ine ndazipeleka. Ndipo ndizayamba kumungwandula zala one by one, then lilime, mkuzamukolowola maso, mkuzatenga nacet razor blade mkumumulemba nkhopeyi. Akamazafa ziwalo zambiri akuziona kuti izo zili apozo.

  7. my friend u wudnt hav been alive if u were in ndirande.

    matayala a njale zokutha plus gasoline would have given your sentence & police would have got your ashes

  8. Heeeeeeeeeeeey !!! mayiweeeeeeeeeee!! wonders never ends.whaaaaaaat? Hand him over to us we will kill him with our own hands

  9. one day my comment will be on top and I will show my former teacher Mr chidonthi who says I can not achieve anything in my life!!!

  10. He is now cured and rich, he will have free goverment lodgings, free food and menu to choose from once he is sentenced. As for a child, the experiance is irreversable. Sad.

  11. If our really understood “Justice”, a Life Sentence would have been the minimal for such crimes.

  12. Pakufunika amageso ndi sing’anga yemweyo athu oyipa amenewo , akamusiya sing’anga ameneyu awonongetsa ana ambiri.

  13. Mmmmm koma abale anawanamiza ndani anthuwa samamva chisoni zinazi? Mwana ngat ameneyo ayambe treatment ya ma ARV? Mkulu ameneyu mkwiyo wa Mulungu umukanthe

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