Miss Blantyre sweeps with BT Mayor


Limbe was on Monday blessed to host influential figures, Miss Blantyre Hannah Mhone and the city Mayor Wild Ndipo, for a sweeping exercise.

The exercise which was part of the Keep Blantyre City campaign targeted the commercial area in a bid to make it beautiful and attractive.

Miss Bt

Miss Blantyre takes part in the exercise.

As the exercise was in progress, onlookers could not shift their eyes to other sites, a sign of impression with the big names’ humility.

Ndipo was dressed in a white dust coat and the city queen made her identity visible by wearing the sash bearing her title.

The city’s boss has been hailed for his efforts in trying to make the city a better place. His office is working with that of Miss Blantyre in bringing about the desired change.

Hannah was full of praise for his lordship Wild Ndipo for participating saying she considers it a great pleasure to have swept with the Mayor.


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