Bus owners threaten to strike


The implementation of new laws for the transport sector continue sparking controversy among concerned parties as bus owners have threatened to strike.

The bus owners have said they will hold a strike to protest against the ban on traveling at night and standing passengers.

Bus operators threaten to strike. (File image)

According to Transport Association of Malawi, the ban has affected the business for the buses in the country hence authorities need to reverse the decision.

The bus owners also faulted the decision to have buses not having standing passengers arguing a bus is allowed to have some passengers standing as per disclosed by manufactures.

They added that they were not consulted when the two bans were introduced hence they have opted to strike if government fails to reverse its decision on the buses.

Following a series of accidents, government ordered that no bus should be on the road after 10 pm.
Authorities also ordered that no passenger should be seen standing in a bus while traveling.

Earlier, minibus drivers and conductors went on to have ugly scenes as they rioted in protest of new laws that seek to curb accidents on Malawian roads.





  3. No Need Of Striking, They Strike To Who? To Traffic Police, To Passengers, They Should Just Down Tools As They Will Not Notice The Police Down Tools For 3days

  4. Malawi can’t be malawi without its #citizens, let the government protect them. During #accidents these bus owners who wants to #strike are always not #there & never #involved and #stupid-enough they don’t care for the lost #lives. They cry for their #cars instead of #life. Go on government don’t bow down to them. Its we #passengers who losses our #lives, another thing police should make sure that buses & min buses are in good conditions, some of these business cars eeiisshhh aren’t supposed to be on the road. Imagine no indicators, poor breaks, break rights not working how can such a car be on the road ??? Police also help us in #speed-control, may our government buy more #speed-trap-cameras for our good sake we its #citizens

  5. Mukapanga strike ndiye ikatha muziganiza zokweza mitengo boma osadziwa izi nanuso mudzalira.Tinapasidwa ma phone number kuti mukatenga anthu anai pampando tidziyimba phone ndiye musamale.

  6. They already striked what did they benefit apart from stealing from commuters with high fares which even government doesn’t know!! Government must set affordable in uniformity the commuters must be victims of circumstances!

  7. Mesa munafuna nokha business anakakhalapo malemu Bingu simukananena zachambazo siku akananyamula anthu ntchito ziyende

  8. Striking is the only option to show the govt that we’re unhappy about their random silly and unnecessary implementations of the transport system.

  9. zimalamulo zooona kumpeza driver watenga 4-4 fine yake ingakhale k100,000.00 kuposa oba ndalama za Boma ndakwiya nazo ngati Bomalo likufuna kutenga Bussinessyi lingolesa anthu wamba kugula ma Minbus basi aaaaaaa china china zaonjeza heavy

  10. If the Laws are meant for the “safety” of PASSENGERS, let them strike & as Government’s responsibility is to protect it’s CITIZENS. In the absence or nonfunctional Passenger Welfare Association, Bus owners care less aslong as the Drivers & Conductors meet their Targets, Drivers & Conductors make their extras that’s fine for them. In the event of an accident Bus owners know that repairs on the Bus or replacement can be done & a Passenger is injured by goods they carry, they still get away with it when taking advantage of the majority’s ignorance on action to take next. Let’s hope Government doesn’t bow down to these threats & that the Traffic Police doesn’t abuse these Laws as they are known for.

    1. Thats on point boss. ….let them go ahead with strike……we will get used to whatever means of transport that will come….when AXA started operating within the city…..it was actually the same minibus association who objected it…..meaning they 100% know how abusive they are with passengers. …

  11. Our neighbour pa Zambia did the same. Travelling public is now acquainted to the banning on night bus movements. TuLo tinagonetsa namalira. Let the government not bow down to the bus owners demand. How many have been cocompasanted following the death of their beloved ones on these many accidents? Does compensation bring back the departed souls? To he’ll with their strike

  12. Mbuzi zazikulu ndi ma Bus owners nuu,Tinene kuti inuyoo simumayenda ndikumaona zimene zikuchitika mu Maiko enawa kuzikonda basi,kusawelengela moyo wa nzanu,Chimene mukufuna ndi ndalama basi koma mwaiwala kuti ndalama zomwe mukuzifuna ndizomwezonso anthu ake mukumawapanga chipongwewoo,Change plzzzzzz tisamakhalenso ngati ndi ma 1940.

  13. Come to south Africa and see how Taxi operate we enjoy the service offered .

    It’s high time we see change in our country Malawi .tizionaso all side about money generation komaso people safety and life

  14. Kkkkk they will strike is there right,but after a while one by one will go back to work since they need bread on the table

  15. Let’s not jump the gun here. Let’s look both sides. They are rules like overloading, over speeding, stop anywhere to pick up or drop off on non designed zones. But this for night driving is useless. Dont forget that we are also dealing with breadwinners. We must consider both safety of passengers, also is it going to make them have money. E.g pay tax for 200k when I am making 300k.

  16. life is dynamic that means any law can b amended any time so embrace the dynamics of business. if u go on strike who is to suffer bcoz this is ur bread and butter.even passengers can go on strike to force u out of bussiness.

  17. “at though the law there lies depression and suffering- Sir. Winston Churchill”

    one thing we need to apprwleciate is that Malawi has good laws and so ambitious but lead us into mess. ooooh yes we fail to appreciate that Malawi is still far from The equator of enacting tough laws that are not worth kissng the ground.

    we saying buses shld stop traveling ten as one one way of curbing accidents are we serious… ?…,

    av said this and I kip saying ….that an accident is an accident wrther one travels masana or usiku….. I too don’t buy the idea of banning buses from traveling tonight….. surely if we have government authorities full of wisdom ….let them reverse the decision….otherwise I see terror……

    of course I have a problem with standing passengers……but once a while we have to understand that kunoko ndife amphawi……nd zinazi we do it kut tikokere…. I wish if there were measures …..put rather than banning standing passangers…

    someone mentioned of one seat per what in south Africa ……thus S.A…..Something advanced …….u can’t compare S.a nd MW………think over

    1. I think bus owners still make profits from sitting passengers…..can you justify the reason behind making 30 passengers standing?…..I support the new system…..bus owners should adapt

    2. Welcome sir, the SA u say its developed, was once as Malawi such thoughts of yours will keep malawi on down fall. Go to history will find that some nations which got their independence after Malawi are better than Malawi at 53

  18. Striking i won’t help, but civic educate bus owners. In south africa busses are enjoyed its one passenger per seat, no ssistance but it goes on very well

    1. And you guys think its going to happen overnight,, compare the economy between the two countries,,Your Argument inakakhala based ndi Traffick Police bwenzi ndikuti bola…. and i’m saying kuti you need to wake up coz countries like SA have invested much in technology,, and that has played a very big role, osati ma policy achimwanawa..

    2. Think my malawi is not poor not at all, but enquality is not ephasised. And pple who have money do not share it, and don’t invest. Move around u’ll

    3. Think my malawi is not poor not at all, but enquality is not ephasised. And pple who have money do not share it, and don’t invest. Move around u’ll prove me right

    4. Go mchinji & ask about Milward & he friends, go Chitedze & ask about Baron, go mlanje & ask about muli, be in town & ask about Brown Mpinganjira, Bakili muluzi many xamplez to prove that Malawi isn’t poor

    5. Did I say malawi is poor?? We ourselves are.. do not take individual succcess into this.. for a country to be economically strong, its how taxes etc are being taken care of.. My point is, if we could computerise some stuff, thats a 99 percent chance of preventing stupid accidents, look at the tech around us,, And You Think With asingle person per seat one wouldnt drive drunk and cause accidents yet alone driving at after 10.. come on see the biqqer picture!

    6. Listen to yourself Ethan “did i say malawi is poor ?? We ourselves we are.” According to ur sentiment u mean Malawi is #rich but Malawians are poor, i hope so. And if am right then u don’t know the meaning of #richness in a nation. Let me clear ur mind, Malawi won’t be malawi without Malwians neither any nation won’t be it, without its #citizens. Further more when we say a nation is #poor we mean its #citizens and too when we a nation is #rich we mean its #citizenz

    7. In other words u mean Malawi is #rich but her citizens are #poor. Which i don’t understand, how can a nation be #rich whilst her/its citizens are #poor ??? Then what is a #nation??? & who’re the #nationalist of the nation ??? A little bit we’re in the same boat, by this question of yours “did i say malawi is poor ??? ” For sure my friend malawi is rich but;wumbombo, nkhwizi, kaduka, nsanje etc are which makes it look poor. Prove me right by this example, your uncle, aunt brother, sister, cousin & friend maybe rich with more than one car, house or other properties but u may not even taught how to drive by such close relatives of yours, u’ll be sleeping in a house of poorest conditions while his/her house are for rent. Among the cars some maybe taxis & buses, but he/she won’t give u a driving job. They’ll look for other drivers, u may lack fees at government secondary/high school but they can’t give u, yet their children goes to private secondary/high schools like St Andrews, Mayrist brothers, Mary Mount, Kalibu Academy, Lilongwe Academy, Bishop Makenz etc & they pocketlise them as if they won’t come back. More shocking they fail to pay u 10,000 at a government school yet they pay 500,000 per term in private schools for their children, this 500,000 it could be your whole secondary education cycle if they give it to you but its spent jst in 3 month on a child

  19. mukujambura minibus akuti mabus akuluakulu amene akugwawa osati ma minibus. kugwa bus kumalimbana ndi minibus. Ndikuvomereza lamulo limenero, mabus asamayende usiku ngati ku Tanzania.

  20. mukujambura minibus akuti mabus akuluakulu amene akugwawa osati ma minibus. kugwa bus kumalimbana ndi minibus. Ndikuvomereza lamulo limenero, mabus asamayende usiku ngati ku Tanzania.

  21. Their some emergencies a person needs to reach early in the morning which means he /she has to travel during night but I agree with boma no standing

    1. Even in Tanzania buses don’t operate at night for security reasons. …on several occasions people have been attacked by Masaii when traveling at night. Of course we can’t appreciate this now….I think the government is right with new regulations imposed on minbus and Bus operators

    2. Why are you cheating in Tanzania we reach around 11 to 12 midnight that is from Malawi now from Tanzania it reaches Malawi in Lilongwe morning hours

    3. Tanzania akuinenayo si ziko LA ulesi ngati ife komaso si laanthu opanda nzeru ngati ife ma bus amayenda usiku masana king maso sangalamure zosathandiza ngati zathuzi

    1. kkkkk that is true and I can enjoy it becz I wil buy yanuyanu bus n just a month nditulusa yanyuwani. Pamene strike izitha ndatulusa atatu kkkkk

  22. Asapange strike ini ma bus awo, cause akapanga strike anthu avutika mayendedwe ,ngati sakugwilizana ndi lamulolo .angokweza mtengo wa ma bus basi zafanana.

  23. Let them kill more people for the blood to run their buses. Stupid witches

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