Stop selective justice on corruption – Catholic Bishop tells Mutharika in the face


The fact that Malawi is among world champions of corruption continue to anger many in the country with Catholic Bishop for Lilongwe archdiocese Tarcizius Ziyaye urging authorities to do more in curbing the malpractice.

In his homily during national prayers for commemoration of Malawi’s independence in Lilongwe on Thursday, Ziyaye acknowledged that Malawi is still failing to develop due to corruption.

He added that the country has done less for the development of its citizens due to mismanagement of public funds.

“When someone has stolen public money, he is a thief and he must be tried immediately,” said Ziyaye.

Bishop Ziyaye talks tough against selective justice. (File image with Mutharika.)

He faulted “selective justice” in the country arguing that efforts to “uproot corruption” are to be in vain.

Corruption is reported to be a barrier for Malawi to make strides on development, something that has led to claims that independence celebrations are good for nothing if citizens continue to live in misery.

Malawi on Thursday celebrated 53 years of self-governance. Britain handed over the leadership powers on 6th July, 1964.

This year’s celebration was centred on the theme “Thanking God for the Season of Plenty”.



  1. Why is George Chaponda a free man after investigations on Zambia, Admarc maize saga implicated him?
    This is what the Bishop is calling selective prosecution.

  2. Guys tingomseza.timponyere nyanja kuden mafana openga ngat awa timawatenga wautali pa deep mkuaponyera mmadzi azikakangana ndi ng’ona komko

  3. What you need to know is that satan’s influence is contagious like flu and sadly it is influencing state of affairs in Malawi. How do u explain lack of love, no pity for the poor, greedy, lack of justice, etc. Malawians, we are in deep waters of hell. Can our religious leaders pray for the country to get rid of the devil who is causing chaos in our lives.

  4. These kind/type of advises only work to people who have eyes and ears in the head! Otherwise people will advise and advise till their vocal cords break!

  5. kkkkkk fuck u Peter az for me I don’t like u because u r fool of shit n corruption as such y don’t u arrest chaponda km nkhani ya cash gate u r number one y u forget how much ur brother steal in government uuuuuuu forsake go to hero Wit ur readership Malawians sometimes we doom y we vote for this greedy pipo let’s open our eyes

    1. mmm,am not his fun though,koma # gift mwaonjeza phuzolo man,please zinazi kumabwezako moto man,i know ur angry komano zisachite kufika pamenepo bro pepani chonde..

    2. @ khoo thanks for your opinion against a Gibo but in a good manner n peacefully cause akanakhala ena akanatukwana apa moopsa n kumadabwa kut zomwezi?

    3. Kkkkkk zomwezi? Politicians will never satisfy you regardless of who ever is in state house..but God shall.chotsani nsanje ndi ulesi

    4. # eric ,we malawians we’re not jealous & lazy always,the way gift has expressed in his comment is nit nsanje kapena ulesi but anger..we’re hard working people..

  6. Ma bishop a catholic ndimakutairani mtengo simumanyengelera president wautsiru u wrote a pastoral to Kamuzu,today condemning bwampini openly heeee downfall of bwampini and dpp bravo Ziyaye mumatiimilira nkhosa zanu

  7. A #Ziyaye, Anali Kt Mene #fanz, Ikagawana Ndalama Zamisokho Zanthu, Nthanwi Ya J Banda, Aaaaa Olo Comment, Ndekut Adadya Nao???????? Si mulungu Ameneyu

  8. Wandigunda pakatimu. Galu amamenyedwa pomwe anyera. Ambiri akunamiza Mkulu uyu pofuna udindo kapena chuma. Dziko lasokonezeka katangale wachuluka. Injustice due to political interference. No need to ask. Thanx to stand up for poor people

  9. Anthuwa amauzidwa koma chifukwa chakuti katangaleyo ali mu mtima mwawo ndiye sangasinthe. Itadzasinthe ndi 2019 chifukwa MCP ikutenga bomali kaya wina akane kaya avomere. Za ungolongoliwa tatopa nazo.

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