APM says IDs not for rigging elections

Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has claimed that the national identification program is not part of his party’s plan to rig the 2019 presidential elections.

Mutharika made the remarks in Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe as the country marked 53 years of independence.

During the past Parliamentary session lawmakers condemned an agreement between Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) and National Registration (NRB) to use the IDs during 2019 elections saying the Mutharika led government plans to use the IDs to rig the 2019 tripartite elections.

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika: Backs the national registration exercise.

However, according to Mutharika, Malawians must see the importance of having a national identity card as a nation hence claims that the IDs will be used to rig elections are unjustifiable.

“When I say let everyone have a National Identity Card because we need a national identification system that makes us well organised society, let no one say IDs are there to rig an election,” Mutharika.

During the past National Assembly meeting, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) legislators called for the suspension of the national registration exercise saying government plans to register few people in the central region.

MCP legislators said in Parliament that children who are 16 years old, hence will be 18 by May 2018, were being turned away from registration centres in the central region.

The opposition legislators argued that many who are now aged 16 in southern and northern regions will be able to register by the time the registration exercise reaches the two regions, which they described as unfair and tantamount to electoral fraud since the IDs have been linked to voter registration for the 2019 elections.

Lawmaker for Kasungu central Amon Nkhata argued that the use of the national identity cards as one of recommendations for one to vote in the general elections is not good and must not be accepted.

Nkhata gave an example of his area where according to him the national identity registration was not accurate hence raising questions of whether the process is transparent and fair.

“Mr Speaker Sir, my area is among other areas where the exercise is taking place. However, there is strong evidence that DPP may rig the 2019 elections especially if voters will use these national IDs for voting,” he said.



  1. Kod iwe wa dpp ndichan chomwe wapanga chot u can pliz us, even manifestal yako wakwanirisapo chan?? Usatinyansepo apa wamva!!, dela langa aliyense nd MCP basi.

  2. Kod iwe wa dpp ndichan chomwe wapanga chot u can pliz us, even manifestal yako wakwanirisapo chan?? Usatinyansepo apa wamva!!, dela langa aliyense nd MCP basi.

  3. Richard Atupele ndi ndaniso mbuzi yamunthu timachokela kumachinga komweko Atupele wabesa kuvotela DPP chimodzimodzi kupha munthu

    1. dd u hear that part where it was said that only those with national IDs will be allowed to register to elections? why start in central region b4 doin a comprehensive sensitization and havn a back up ya power for the equipment. by the time they will be doin the south they will hav rectified all the problems faced ku central region… its highly unlikely they go again to those areas

    2. There will be no registration in 2019 we gonna use same ID to verifie names mma respective centres that’s y akuti kuyambira 16 yrs coz wa 16 yrs in 2019 azakhala 18yrs and ID yawo situluka fast ngati ena.and ineyo mnalembetsa kale Ku central komko anthu amabwera ambiri Ku ma centres mpaka anaonjezera 1 week ineso mnakalembetsa nawo week ya grace period and sikumakhala anthu ambiri that week.yemwe sanalembetse samafuna basi.#thatsmyobsevation.

    3. eyaaa wanena wekha kuti zea will be no registration… meaning that bcoz of lack of sensitization poyamba a good number dd not register meaning no voting in 2019 what do u think zat will entail for MCP? less votes, why? i dont need to explain zat to u… equipment failure or lack of energy n not enough sensitization in mCP strong hold its just a coincidence right?

    4. Kodi amwene even during ma past election does it mean kuti every1 who register will vote?its a matter of saving money we can’t go thru the same process kawiri.and aliyense akuziwa kufunika kwa national ID and I don’t think if u register it means u have voted,its not only MCP yomwe ikupikisana ndi DPP 2019 its just that MCP want sympathy basi zipani ziliko zambiri why MCP yokha ndi yomwe ikulira?we deserve a national ID whether for voting purpose or not,whether MCP like it or not but as malawians we need to have it.ngati akulembesa nawo munthu waku Zambia ndiye waku Malawi azikati there was no enough sensitization ndiye waku Zambia kapena waku Burundi wadziwa bwanji?chakula ndi umbuli basi kwathu kuno politicising everything even maliro kkkkkkkk

    5. Kkkkkkk komano boss that ID akungoyenera kutipasa andale zawo ngati akufuna a MCP they shud fund MEC azapangeso registration 2019,the problem with MCP they can’t even trust themselves ndiye kuti uwauze za MEC they will still mourn

  4. Kkkkk kkkkkk Kkkk kkkk km Chakwera ndimaona ngati ndioganiza km paizi pokha wakhwatchisa kd kusalira basi Malawi chirichonse nkhani ya I’d ndi ziko lonse lapansi limakhala nao zikakhala zaavoti MCP ndi chipani chosusa boma 4ever munatizunza ka zaka 31 muzayambe kuganiza zolamulira pakaza zaka 62 Kkkkk kkkkkk Kkkk kkkk ngati si DPP ndi UDF basi

  5. 2019 kulibenso kubera what makew MCP being the winning party nothing non other than criticizing the government be careful with those that seems what to be smaller development people will vote according to what has been happening not what they have been told

  6. A malawi umbuli kwambiri. Zoti maiko ena kumakhala ma ID simuadziwa. Most of our resources are used by foreigners because we can not identify them. Most of the drugs in hospitals are used by people from Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania but you can not get anything free from their countries. If you remember an injured Malawi National Football team player got injured in South Africa and they failed to get free medicine from the South Africa government hospital, he was treated at a private hospital. Nthawi zina kumachenjerako a Malawi, kupusa kotereku bwanji? As for me I have already registered, I am thinking beyond 2019 kkkkkkkk.

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