Musician J Recks targets international market with Nachi

A good number of Malawian musicians are believed to have the local market as target for their products but that is not the case with J Recks who is doing just the opposite.

The lad has shared his ambition at a time when most young musicians from countries with a vibrant entertainment industry are getting international recognition.

Citing a number of youthful African musicians with a name, he believes nothing can stop him from getting there. He says good management is a recipe for breakthrough in music.

J Recks
J Recks wants his music to hit international markets.

“If young musicians like Kiss Daniel, Korede Bello, and Nasty C made it, nothing can stop a Malawian boy like me from getting there. It’s just a matter of having good management,” he said

As a matter of staying true to his dreams, Recks has released a song titled Nachi which is in English language. It falls in Afro pop genre.

He explains the use of English as a deliberate move to reach a wide audience. In this regard, Nachi is going to everyone across the world.

“I decided to use English in my song so that it can reach everyone wherever in the world.”

In Africa, it has been established that most trending artists do music in English. This helps them add more numbers to their fanbase since people understand and easily memorise their lyrics.

The Malawian boy vows to work day and night in an effort to have his music on international platforms and in the end join musicians who are putting the country on the map.




  1. This boy can go places. He is very right to say using English is the best way to attract international listeners. If Malawian musicians want to become successful, they should produce Afrobeat in English which is well liked in the whole continent. Matter of fact, some musicians in USA like Drake, now have a strong element of afrobeat in their lyrics and sound. Dancehall is next to Afrobeat.

    Nowadays, Raggae sounds are not widely followed by many music lovers and Raggae music in a country like Malawi can not make musicians rich due to the fact that music has to be sold internationally and understood. Playing music in Chichewa will always be a disadvantage to the musicians because it’s only the local audience with a limited market that will buy it. I have noticed that many Malawian musicians like to play raggae music and in local languages. There must be specific music targeting the local audience especially in rural areas and specific music for international listeners. I believe more music has to be composed to suit all music lovers of the world with English as the language of the lyrics. The other thing to note about Malawian music is lack of quality videos and mastering. Most of the videos have a village setting which lacks international appeal.

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