Govt committed to promoting irrigation farming


The Malawi government through the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and water development says it is committed to promoting irrigation farming.

Government making strides in improving Irrigation Agriculture

This is according to spokesperson for the ministry Hamilton Chimala who said that government is seeing a bright future in irrigation farming.

Chimala said government has since put in place measures to improve and promote irrigation farming.

He added that the ministry of agriculture wants to put more effort in irrigation farming for the country to be food secure.

The spokesperson continued by saying that the ministry has learnt that food challenges which hit the country, were as a result of not practicing irrigation farming.

Chimala added that the ministry has outlined several activities, which he did not disclose, aiming at improving and promoting irrigation farming.



  1. I started hearing the words government committed since 1994 up to day but no fruits. Keep on entertaining us with those stories.

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