AXA bus catches fire

Axa bus

A bus belonging to AXA went up in flames on Monday in Dowa.

The bus had 16 passengers on board when the fire started but they all managed to escape without major injuries.

According to Dowa police spokesperson, the bus was being driven by Thomas Chirwa from Salima to Lilongwe.

Axa bus
Up in flames.

Upon arrival at Namanda bus depot in Dowa, the bus stopped as one passenger wanted to urinate.

“When the driver pulled out the handbrake, fire suddenly started from the engine. All people walked out of the bus immediately and the bus completely burnt to ashes including the people’s property,” Kaponda told Malawi24 in a telephone interview.

He said that the bus had a problem of oil leakage whilst at Salima and a mechanic repaired the fault but it is believed that the problem started again.

Some five passengers got minor injuries when coming out of the bus due to pressure on the door as they were forcing each other out of the bus.

The injured passengers were referred to Chankhungu Health Centre for treatment.

Kaponda identified the passengers as Rhoda Phiri, Tina Botoman, Memory Zulu, Veronika Kazembe and Amina Phiri.

Currently, value of the property destroyed is yet to be established.



  1. Thank You Lord For Your Help You Offered To Your People In The Accident That Occured In Dowa.May U Pliz My Lord Such Help Should Keep On Flowing As Water In An Ocean In Malawi As A Nation.

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