FAM should learn from Germany’s Confederations Cup success

Building a team is a risk worthy taking and that is what Germany has demonstrated in the just ended FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia which they claimed by winning against an experienced Chilean side.

Unlike other countries, Joachim Low opted to travel to the tourney with the almost-perfect machine with an average squad of 24 years old and without star players.

During the tournament, the Germans demonstrated teamwork when they outsmarted opponents, the latest being a 4-1 victory over Mexico in the semifinals of the competition before beating Chile in the final.

One of the biggest talking points during the tournament was the fact that this young German team was often identified as a ‘ B team’ or a reserve unit.

Germany won the Confederation Cup last night.

One must be careful with this assumption because Germany’s system and the way they implement innovation and education with young players is so high that if anything, the country knows how to create quality players.

For years now, the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has failed to do what is right for the national team to be very successful.

For example, when other associations are taking team B’s to Cosafa Castle Cup tournament, we do the opposite by using recycled players instead of giving young stars a chance to demonstrate at an international level.

Gone are the days when the said competition was attracting star players and other nations are now using the tournament to identify and nature new talent.

Apart from using recycled players at a tournament which is not even on a FIFA calendar, our association did not put structures in place to succeed the team that went to 2010 African Cup of Nations in Angola.

Building the said team took more than ten years hence performing well to the extent of making it to Angola but surprisingly, ever since that team ceased to exist, the FA did not dwell much on investing into the youth development thereby making it very difficult to produce another crop of players worthy competing at the international level.

We had a very good Under 17 and Under 20 side in 2008 but there was no continuity as the majority of the players were nowhere to be seen despite competing at FIFA Under 20 World Cup with the likes of Neymar, Isco, Thiago

Alcantara and many more stars who are now flourishing with their national teams.

The FA should also try to create a very good relationship with Malawi Government.

Without political will, FAM should expect nothing good apart from being blamed when the national team fail to perform.

If there will be a good relationship with Government, the association will be able to convince those in authority to develop football from the grassroots level by using primary schools.

Football development should start on our primary schools knowing that Government will fully support the project.

The country’s soccer governing body should also enforce local clubs to invest a lot in reserve sides.

Players are produced from reserve sides and if we are to move from the current shamble, our clubs must have strong reserve sides so that they are able to identify and produce talent for the national team.

Failure to do this will continue turning this country into a laughing stock as far as international competitions are concerned.

Germany has set a precedent, it’s up to us to emulate their strategy.

Germany will always produce quality, but what takes it to another level is how their 13 year project (under Low) is av result of precise delivery-in training, game-day, off-days.

Time has come for Government, FA and the corporate world to come together to turn things around if we are to smile again.



  1. If big teams such as England cannot draw any lesson from successful germany what more nyasaland, a team that is a million paces away. I think we are good the way we are and please just let us be.

  2. vuto lili ndi ma club ,muone achina fisher,kamwendo, chipuwa,kamzere, alipo ambiri instead of featuring youlth players

  3. Not this FAM with Walter Nyamirandu will learn from your advice. What you have said have been said million times. You are saying and publishing these stories as If nobody knows what needs to be done to better at international level. Everybody knows that things required to achieve what the Germans have achieved is what u have published but who are you talking to? Its falling on deaf ears so why bothering yourself?. Malawi National Football team needs to be nationalised not being taken as Nyamirandu FC. Till Nyamirandu fall we will never have a football team in Malawi ever. #Walternyamirandumustfall

  4. Comparing How Develeped Countries Like Germany And Developing Country Like Malawi Its A Bullshit.Do You Thk Malawi Can Sucsed In Football Yet Other Sectors Are Domarnt,we Will Succsed If Politica Lamedy Astoped And All Parties Unite And Form One Or Two Parties The Whole Country.Be Crius.

  5. Kodi atengedwawa ndi khalamba?onsewa ndi ana koma poti ndi amalawi zovuta basi pakuti malawi ndi ndi dziko loopa mulungu amaopaso kuwina kuopa kulakwa

  6. FAM kuli mbuzi zokhazokha tinali ndi under 17 yamphavu ija inapita ku world cup onse atayidwa ngati nyasi kuma akuti building a team? shame on walter nyamilandu educated salvage ena ayetseko onse ali ku FAM achoke kaye

  7. Dnt compare the two we are at par you dnt have grassroot structures you keep on changing the squad by now we dnt have junior teams

  8. I don’t thinks we can reach up to that standard. The problem is that we don’t give our Coaches enough time. Changing of coaches does not help us. The Germany coach,have been with that team for almost 12yrs. Kinnah Phiri tried but the government never gave him full support that he needed. And we the Supporters,have the problem. We expected good results each n everytime. Tikangoluza kutukwana coach.

  9. Chile Vs Germany #Lessons ☆Playing well and high ball possession does not always grantee a win. ☆Marrying a beautiful wife does not always mean you have all the happiness in your heart. ☆A rich husband is not a grantee the end of your problems, (#research) ☆When you are surrounded by the army it does not mean a sniper can’t hit you. ☆High qualifications does not always imply you will be the successful person, ask Mark (facebook founder) ☆Not all smiles people show mean “all is well”, ask Mphiyo. £££ Utilise the chances you get, do not relax at the back, Germany is watching you. Copied from https://free.facebook.com/groups/224022824634502?multi_permalinks=445797752457007&_rdr#groupMenuBottom

  10. Flames ndi mwala sungazalepo mtengo,,nde mwati building a team?? hahaa loto la chumba ili flames isiyeni ikhale flames basi kwasala tiika mu dictionary meaning ya flames ikhala looser

  11. Koma ku meneko. Boma lokanika, Fam yokanika nothing is moving forward in Malawi. Kkkkk

  12. Ku Malawi ndife okanika bas.Administration yomwe yilipoyi yatha zaka pafupifupi 12 koma palibe chanzeru icho angaloze kt achitapo,mpira masiku ano uli mwa ana koma iwo amati akawatenga ikangoti game yatha bas nde kt zatheranso pompo.where r the the players who played at the under 17 world cup against Spain?muona kut onsewo anawataya.

  13. vuto lathu a malawi we only focus on aged players….we need to have a team starting frm under-10 upto senior team…and we need to be taking part in under-17 world cup it can help

    1. Kkkkkkk that germany team most players amamenya mma top clubs in europe, ena nayamba pakanthawi kuwatenga koma amayamba thabwa nde kutiwuza kuti B team ndizowona?

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