Fake US embassy officials conning Malawians


United States Embassy in Malawi has warned Malawians to be wary of fraudsters who are demanding money from people in order to offer them employment as Health Surveillance Assistants.

In a statement issued, the embassy says it is aware of recent reports in Zomba of individuals purporting to represent the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) charging individuals to apply for employment as Health Surveillance Assistant.

According to the statement, the swindlers later disappeared after collecting the money and did not provide the services promised.

The US Embassy has condemned the act saying it does not charge anything for employment.

“The CDC, and all other US government agencies operating in Malawi, do not charge individuals to apply for employment,” says the statement.

It also warns Malawians that if they are asked to pay money to apply for a job with US Government, they should not pay and should immediately report the fraudsters to the Malawi Police Service (MPS) or to the US Embassy.

Meanwhile, the US embassy is working hand in hand with the police to establish people behind the malpractice.



  1. Trump said African can t do anything…african can not survive without american or whites.
    African need americans very much

  2. It is not only in Malawi come to R S A.That money that you crying for you will pay. IF you are talking about poverty people here are sleeping outside shop velandas,mikhukhus (iron sheets made houses)people here have got no lands to build houses or farming they have to buy Salary is also too low for the owners it is better for us outsiders because of exchange Rate we have. Am very surprising every comment you are insulting your mother land that shows your behaviour even you or your father can not solve this problem u would say he is not a Leader ya a it is big job Imagine you find money you there is nothing that you are doing with it to your family even to your offsprings what about the whole country?

    1. don’t say that bru, those guys are good at forging the VISAS and stuff, they operated in Ghana for almost a decade without being caught (mind you people from Ghana are more literate than Malawi) so zangochitika mwa mwayi kuti ku Malawi tadziwa nsanga otherwise we are not stupit (stupid I guess)

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