Jay Z ‘meets’ Dominant 1 & Third Eye

Third Eye

Malawi’s iconic producer, Dominant 1, is definitely on cloud nine. The master of turntables just led the way for Jay Z on the veteran MC’s 13th studio album.

D1, who has produced for other well-known MCs in the US such as AWKWORD, can indirectly be accredited for inspiring the hip hop icon on 4:44 released on the last day of last month.

Dominant 1: Has inspired Jay Z

Those who follow Malawi’s urban music will notice that Legacy ‘samples’ Sum Day, a song by Third Eye and Dominant One. The latter claims production credits on Sum Day.

Hov’s Legacy, just as Sum Day begs for listen, is a masterclass, on both production, concept and lyricism.

Both songs sample and contain excerpts from Donny Hathaway’s Someday We’ll All Be Free.

Both Sum Day and Legacy touch on the socioeconomic hardships that the artists experienced in their hay stages while, at the same time, offering a message of hope. Jay Z to his daughter, Blue Ivy, talks about overcoming the racial discrimination that denied black Americans economic activities.

The Malawian artists talk of violence and poverty in Malawi while hoping for a better tomorrow.

No I.D produced Hov’s Legacy which closes the 10-track album. Jay Z wrote the album when he woke up one morning at 4:44am, hence the name.



  1. This is no sense, who is Jay-Z and how important is he to Malawians? zazii or zama 3rd kaya ma 4th eye zanuzo zitithandiza chani?

    1. Jst that the heading is misleading but the track Sumday done by Dominant1 & Mandela Mwanza is frm same sample wit Jay’s Legacy track in his new album (got both tracks Jays n D1’s for ur comparison ) which makes it look like Jay was inspired by that one …..

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