RVG’ stats worse than Mtawali

Ronny Van Geneugden

His predecessor Ernest Mtawali won four games out of eight, with three losses and a draw.

Ronny Van Geneudgen’s has only managed to register a single win, three losses and three goalless draws in his first seven games in charge of the Malawi Senior National team.

His first game in charge was a goalless draw to Kenya in a friendly match before registering back to back defeats to Madagascar in the 2018 African Nations Championship.

Ronny Van Geneugden
Ronny Van Geneugden : His initial record not any match to Mtawali’s.

From there, he won 1-nil against Comoros Island in the 2019 African Cup of Nations qualifier before losing 2-nil to Tanzania in the ongoing Cosafa Castle Cup in South Africa.

After defeat to the Taifa Stars, RVG saw his men playing goalless draws to Mauritius and Angola before being booted out of the tournament without even scoring an offside goal.

However, his predecessor started his reign as Flames coach on a high note.

He beat Uganda during the independence day celebrations before being held to a 2-all draw by Swaziland in Afcon qualifiers.

From there, he went to Guinea where his charges played to a goalless draw before losing 2-1 at home to the same team.

He then travelled to Zimbabwe where he was mauled 4-nil before beating Angola 3-nil in the 2016 Cosafa Castle Cup but failed to progress to the quarterfinals as he lost 1-nil to Lesotho.

However, his reign came to an end soon after returning from the Cosafa tournament due to his team’s poor run of form.

Mtawali’ was using a very youthful squad from the Under 20 he coached in 2015 before being promoted to the senior team.



  1. uyu apite watikwana komaso ma coach akunja ndi zachikale.Bad carpentar blames his own tools.Tiphunzire kugwiritsa ntchito ma coach athu achimalawi amadziwa background ya ma players athu.Tikuononga ndalama zambiri pa coach wopanda tsogoloyu vuto mwakhalitsa ku famuko mwazolowera.Siyani ma udindo simukutithandiza!!.

  2. Kkkkk that’s it problem isn’t a coach this country doesn’t have any history of soccer we are not lucky at all always we are crying nothing better 2 come up

  3. He s starting very well, how do u expect to reap where u didn’t sow,invest in the National team,then start making noise.

  4. This is useless. We are watching pretty passing football not the tennis one your coaches used to play. Give him time. Malawi is a failed state in everything except uhule basi

  5. Pamene tikudandaula kuti andale akungotha ndalama za misonkho yanthu thru Corruption and the like, enanso ndinu mungothanso misonkho yanthu instead kuti ndalama zinenezo zigwire ntchito yachitukuko, koma ntchito kupatsa mimba maHule ma Bar ogulitsa Chibuku. Chimene mumasangalala mukapita kukasewela mpira kunja ndi kunyadila kuti mwakwera Ndege basi. Mingovalanso ma Jersey a oversize, nawonso a FAM wo sadziwa size yanuyi, eish koma pa Nyasa!

  6. Kodi Dzipika dza Mankhwala mumachita kukagonela ku Manda m’mamidzi zija dzilikuti? Ena mpaka kumakoda pa Golo. Tamagwiritsani ntchito tu nanga.

  7. How is that ‘not good? I mean the way Malawi has played, its a kind of football we need. Not too ‘goofy’ as compared to the RVG’s predecessors. Anyone who knows world-class football can agree that there was fluidity in movement. The worse thing that RVG could do is to try to learn football theorems of Malawian social commentators. He simply needs to be himself and not try to implement football tactics from the radio coaches. He simply just need to be himself. He mus know that previous coaches have ever tried to implement what the so called football commentators have said and failed. He needs just to find away of making a good combination of our ‘bonny’ players at his disposal into a scoring team. Most of the players, though young’ featured showed that they can be ‘assets’ in the field of play if properly trained. I don’t think any one with a good common sense would argue that our ‘bonny’ players, who also looked like starved Somalians, did nothing when they managed to contain two teams with ‘Bouncer’ players to goal-less draw. To me the Flames under the dynamic leadership of his excellency ROY VANGENEUDGEN played nicely compared to his predecessors.

  8. To be honest even if we can employ Jose mourihno,Pep we can’t benefit anything flames are worse ever,failures,let’s understand football is not our side.If flames has a game we already know the results.

  9. Vuto si mzunguyo, vuto ndima players; ndipo zitengera nthawi yayitali kwambiri kuti timu yathu ikayambe kuchita bwino.

  10. It’s very very too early, give the coach some good time don’t rush in accusing him. Can even the best coach in the world coach a team which has been performing poorly in just month? it can’t happen, the team has a good coach chimene chatsala ndi ma resources kuti team yathu ichite bwino

  11. The problem is not the coach, it’s the players themselves, the truth is; the guys does not understand English, so what do you expect the coach to do?

  12. Make sure that each and every player he know how to talk English but if is not mmmmmmm mzunguyo azinena zache ma players azipanga zawo koma akamatha Ku wecheta English zizayenda

  13. The main problem we have is that most Malawian players do not understand English RVG speaks English so how can these players perform the way the coash want?1.players must be a holders of jsce.2 must be fit .must be able to speak english

  14. i always say: amalawi timanyoza zathu zomwe kuyamikila zakunja. mtawali had a vision for de flames no body from fam saw it. even mkanzi wanyumba kumunyoza heavy wakunja kumuyamikila.

  15. Malawian team is a failure, it doesn’t make sence to blame the coach for being a failure.Even if we can employ best coaches in the world still more there will be no more amerioration of the resuits.The players themselves should work extra miles.

  16. Amalawi timafuna kukolora nthawi yosakwana bwanji tidikire, Kaseweredwe ka team panopa kasintha tiyeni tidikire kuphunzitsa munthu wamkulu kale ndikovuta

  17. nkhani ndi ma striker apa mpira nde ukumenyedwa .Tisamanene za kale aja anali ma player ena pano anakula sangathamangenso. vuto nthawi imene ija olo tinkawina zinali zopanda tsogolo coz we were not building future Flames. Let the coach apange zomwe akudziwa .Vuto amalawi timathamangira maboza just to destroy

  18. RVG has bn given o deee support eg free internettt bundles,DSTV zambri to see hs players in differents countries but he is not producing results but mtawali analibe support yambri but he tried to win games. Hehehe tiona mmene zitheree support imeneyi mukanapasa ntawali ujaa i dont knw kt pano bwez tl patii.

  19. This is a rubish coach,its a waist of money and resources.take malawi coach and give them money lik him.he spoke ninsense at first sayng tha malawi is playing tanis not footbal we were hoping to succeed with him but better malawi coach

  20. Look beyond the coach. The problem is how you show leadership in FAM. Those people you put there they have nothing for soccer development they care more about salary and class. Learn from Zambia. Borrow the leave of Zambia football system

  21. Malawi National teams failure has nothing to do with coaches. We have to invest in football not just picking someone from phwetekera stars just overnight he is in national team. We shall chase and employ all the coaches in the world yet no good results.

  22. And Kinnah beat the likes Egypt, took the flames to Afcon.These current coaches will never ever take flames to Afcon again mark my words.
    Kinnah is the best.

    1. Give him another chance n at the very same time he must pack en go…tel him.Timve ziti pamenepa madala pickisy?kkkkkk

  23. I like RVG reasoning,he has a vision for a good national team. Do not judge him in games he has won, but judge his strategies and vision.

  24. //Enerst Mtawali vs RVG 8 games Mtawali won four, lost three one draw RVG won one, single goal, three losses and three goal-less draws.// How can you compare 8 games vs 7 games?

  25. We should have to give him some time to sort out his plans in our N,team he has some his qualities that he can bring our team back in its fully control and discipline in the field of play. So to me, is too fast to challenge him, that he has failed, to build the team

  26. inu mukanene malawi Portugal 3 players kugwiritsa penalty, timu yathu ndi yabwinobwino mpira timatha, koma vuto ndimantha ndikuzikaikira kungopempha technical panels ya flames kuti iphuzire counter attack osati zomasera mpira mchigao chao chomwe

  27. He is a good coach, from conceding two goals in first half of first game to not conceding in the next two games while playing good football.

    Spot on on the change of tactic kwasala mungokonza striking force

  28. firstly iwould say its too early, secondly even if we would employ, morinho, Pep anyone nothing will change,the fact remains we dnt have quality thus y no 1 plays abroad….istill think the best coach malawi,cn hv is the Legend Kinnah Phiri

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