RVG is delivering best results – Nyamilandu


Despite producing the worst results among recent Flames coaches such as Ernest Mtawali, Malawi National Team Coach, Ronny van Geneudgen, has been hailed by Walter Nyamilandu.

Nyamilandu, president of the Football Association of Malawi, told local press that RVG is producing the best results.

“Ronny is ticking some of the critical boxes,” Nyamilandu was quoted by a local print.

Ronny Van Geneugden
Ronny Van Geneugden : Gets Walter Nyamilandu’s backing.

Nyamilandu blamed the worst results that the Flames have generated under RVG on the absence of a functional youth development initiative.

RVG was supposed to be the country’s messiah. However, numbers show that he is taking the Malawi national team on a nosedive.

Stats compiled by Malawi24 reveal that RVG is the worst of all the coaches the Flames have had since Kinnah Phiri with his winning rate trailing far behind, at 14%, after beating Comoros, the only game he barely escaped from pilling more shame on the country’s sporting fraternity.

Mtawali accumulated more wins (50%) after the same number of games as RVG.



  1. Iwe Nyamilandu walter wusatipusitse siife ana wamva which best results are you talking about, out of 6 games managed by him to begin with Madagascar away game we lost 1 to nill,the same Madagascar home we lost 1 nill,Comoros we won 1 to nill,Tanzania we lost 2 to nill,Mauritius we drew zero zero,DRC we drew again zero zero so where’s the best results here zamkutu !!!!

  2. Owooo!!! Inu ameneyo, Mtawali anawna 2 games munamuchotsa, uyu or chgoli cha ofside ayi, kma mukuyamila kt he’s producing gud results pali nzeru apa?????

    Mitu yanu

  3. Mr Nyamilandu what are results in football and to you? I do think we have seen any result different from the past. If we talk about coordination and systems these have been there all the time punctuated by playing backwards. You perhaps shud be saying he is still working on some elements don’t say results that’s not correct.

  4. although we can hv a coach coming from heaven nothng can change to our team the flames coz they do blive in zithumwa basi so ndalama zomwe mumawonongela national team its beta to gv those pipo thy r sufering with difrent problems ok

  5. What? Walter Nyamilandu, Say again.. Say agin, Over..!!! RGV delivering best results..? FAM President, are u confused or u trying to confuse us? Nzungu watidyetsa konda ine or what? Kinnah Phiri anagwetsa ma team eg. Egypt, DRC & Didier Drogba alibe naye mau Kinnah & lero ndikamamva kuti the whole FAM presidency ukuti RVG is delivering best reasults.. including Over sized Umbro.. usayii/ukhwirii, chichi..? FAM President, don’t make all of us Malawians 17million+ look upside down..!!

  6. Flames doesnt nid a foreign coach,lately,Yasin Osman has bn producing best results @ his club,why cant we trust such pipo in such assignments? RVG honestly hasnt delivered,its a waste of tax payers money! PERIOD!

  7. Kunena Zoona Amalawi Ife Ndianthu Ovesa Chisoni Khani Zampila Peter Muthalika Zikumukhuza Tikamapangazithu Tisamaphatikize Zithu Zampila Paka Kumakanyoza Msogoleri Wadziko Zopasamanyazi

  8. Kunena Zoona Amalawi Ife Ndianthu Ovesa Chisoni Khani Zampila Peter Muthalika Zikumukhuza Tikamapangazithu Tisamaphatikize Zithu Zampila Paka Kumakanyoza Msogoleri Wadziko Zopasamanyazi

  9. you did your best flames and the coach, you deserve the credit.continue to give your best,you will surely excel.open your ears to positive criticism and be deaf to negative criticism,i would surely be in tears if you lost all the games.proud to be a malawian,proud to be a football fan and proud to support only flames in malawi and in the world

  10. True this is the best results yes. We must hold on to this squad and coaching panel until we start registering considerable results everyone should cherish. So far this seems a right direction the national team has taken. Let’s be patient.

  11. We are tired with loses of course by i think Malawi is heading the right direction in terms of playing system, and team building bt let’s give time to the coach coz the period he has been with frames is too, short we can’t have best results overnight!!

  12. Am not surprised to hear that from FAM president. He is incompetent like the coach so he cannot criticise him. The problem is not the coach nor players but FAM president himself. He does nothing to develop football. Its high time he resigned.

  13. On this one it’s true, give him few years to perfect the boys,soccer lovers must understand football is not an event, football is a process.

  14. Two blind men leading a direction for million football fanatics!No wonder with such poor showcasing he says its harvesting time,The writting on the war its clear that the coach has failed!it doesnt need pythagorus to proof to us that our team is a sleeping giant and a punching bag in our region, we cant even beat a socials team!Shame

  15. What else did you guys expect from this retard? He knows that he brought that coach and he’s gonna do everything just to shield his worst performance. What kind of patience do we need? That guy is getting a whole lot of money compared to the local coaches that have been given the responsibility of the National Team. Flames will start doing well when Nyamilandu leaves. I wonder why African leaders amakakamira udindo even though they know that they have miserably failed. Walter Nyamilandu is a disgrace to football administration and a total failure.

  16. Change diet for the players give them rice than nsima .mimba gwa!! football football. kachasu plus zikheba zikhulupiriro zolakwika .No enough time and funds for preparation . I rest my case.

  17. We have been building the National Team since 1988 when we won the East and Central Africa Cup on home soil. Now it’s almost thirty years building this team. We want results now. This is too much.

  18. to be honest, flames has improved defensive wise, passing football plus meaningfull attacks. we have to work on improving our football in the final third…the problem we have here is not coaches but the standard of our league… super league is a major flop, we need to reduce number of teams.. we have too many punching bags in our elite league. no competition @ all

  19. Why blame the coach when every sphere of life in Malawi is going downwards. The problem is the people in power, both FAM and the government.

  20. palibe cha zelu chimenemukunena apa nonse zitsilu mavuto sikochi ayi koma wonsewela mpira unantha kale kale zoti kuli team ku malawi ya national tikuva kwa lnu tawenafe tinailako kale kale

  21. agoaless team flames,,, we are already good in ball posessions bt scoring is our worst thing so how could this guy brought some thing we already have in our team, frankly speaking this guy is worse than the past mtawali’s and his friends,,, we are nt looking on posessions now but we need goals so this is nosense

  22. Building a team is not a mean thing it takes time and energy to enjoy the results.The problem is people wants instant results which from the way we play, is unattainable. Give RVG some space to develop the team.

  23. The reason our national team is so [email protected] up is coz of these idiots at #fam…..
    If the coach has delivered as nyamilandu is saying…then why the heck did we fire ntawali..?
    Personally I think the coach knows what he is doing…the team performed well in terms of ball possession….the last time I saw the flames weave passes like they did at cosafa was when the likes of JONH. ZILINDE played for under 17 under MANFRED HONOR….
    The only stabling block is these useless administrators at fam…they are clueless

  24. Mpira Ndi Zigoli Not Kusewera Bwino. Ngati Munamvapo Kuti Kuli Mpikisano Wa Kusewera Bwino Osati Zigoli Tatchulani Chaka Comwe Udaseweledwa? Kumbukilani Atsogoleri A Fam Kuti Pakutha Pa Masewero Aliwonse Nkhani Yake Ndi Zigoli Basi

  25. Mmmm gyz mudangozolowela zotsutsa ngat Tembo,coach ali bwino cosafa tamenyetsa all local players bt we hav seen grassroot football pomwe kale sizimaoneka morover national team ya masiku ano sakutengela mbir koma zimene zikuoneka kumaso kwa anthu dats good coach uyu adabwereladi ntchito

  26. Hehehe this is so funny!! Delivering with no results only in Malawi!! Nthawi zonse “F’r’ames imasewere bwino Koma no zigoli ok let’s celebrate “Frames” yeeeeyyyy

  27. Best results mpira wake omangobweza kumbuyo or offside goal Looo Wake up Nyamirandu I knw ukanagona taona momwe akuchitira ma team amzathu like Zambia,Mozambique n Zimbabwe ife still pomwe paja

  28. It not going to happen over night. Patients is needed. Let’s give him time to connect the boys. If we give him enough time we will see the best outcome

  29. Ndibwino kumupatsa kaye nthawi coach ameneyu coz kwaine ndikuona kuti chimene chatsala kuti ayilongosole team ya Malawi ndi striking force

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