Poor mobile network hits Mulanje


As Malawi is still negotiating with neighbouring countries on how to manage network in Malawi’s borders, a parliamentarian for Mulanje Bale has expressed concern over problems which people in his area are facing due to poor mobile network.

The parliamentarian Victor Musowa said people in his area have only access to Mozambican network instead of TNM and Airtel networks.

He added that the problem does not only affect the area’s residents but also other people who want to do business with people of the area.

“This problem is really affecting people in Mulanje valley because people fail to speak to me through phone. I also brought forward this question in Parliament because this is not fair,” he complained.

He said although government pledged to assess the area, it has been difficult for him to   explain the issue to his constituents because they are furious with the situation.

Musowa also claimed that people are falling to enjoy the privilege of being Malawian due to the poor network.

He then asked TNM and Airtel to address the issue as it is their business and responsibility to ensure people have access to the network.



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