Muslim girls urged to focus on education

Dinala Chabulika

Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has challenged Muslim girls in the country to work hard in both secular and Islamic studies if they want to be pillars of Islam and Malawi at large.

In an interview with Malawi24, MAM spokesperson Dinala Chabulika said education is the only way that Muslim girls can be self-reliant and independent.

Dinala Chabulika
Sheikh Chabulika has made the call.

According to the MAM spokesperson, Muslims girls in the country have a chance of learning both secular and Islamic studies since a number of Islamic boarding schools for girls are present across the country.

“Muslims girls can’t lie about lack of schools. Girls’ boarding schools specifically for them are everywhere. For instance there is this school in Lilongwe called Aboo Bakr Siddiq Girls Academy which has been brought in to shape Muslims girls into key players. The school which is a primary has teachers who are ready to shape them perfectly in both secular and Islamic studies,” Chabulika told Malawi24.

He further urged Muslim girls in the country to make good use of such boarding schools to be prepared for adulthood.

“Benefits of such schools are that, Muslim girls kill two birds with one stone which is spiritually and intellectually. In most of our secular institutions they don’t teach morals now when a child joins these type of schools they learn both spiritual and intellectual lives,” Chabulika said.

He added that girls who prefer to join Aboo Bakr Siddiq girls Academy can join as long as they meet requirements such as willing to learn both secular and Islamic studies.