Malawian killed in Zambia


A taxi driver who went missing last week has been found dead in a forest in Zambia.

According to Malawi police, the taxi driver is Alli Nyambase who was driving Toyota Carina registration number KU 3424.

It is reported that the driver along with the car went missing on June 23 after being hired by two people from Lumbadzi in Lilongwe to Kasungu.

Three days later police nabbed one suspect who has been identified as 20-year-old Kiliyofasi Simango Mwale of Mzelezele village T/A Mlonyeni in Mchinji.

He was arrested after being found with the missing vehicle.

After confessing to have committed the crime, the suspect led the Malawi police and their Zambian counterparts to a forest at Chigoma village, Chief Pemba Moyo in Zambia where the body of the driver was found dumped.

The body was in a decomposed state and it was later taken to Kamuzu Central Hospital pending post-mortem.



  1. The title and the details are show some contradictions. Actually the person was killed in Malawi by some named Malawians and duped in Zambia forest. Have found the body in a decomposed state Malawian police together with their Zambian counterparts, took the body to Kamuzu central hospital. “Some reporting might bring commotion among nations due to lack of professionalism and authenticity.” Malawi and Zambia and brothers and sharing a common history! Let’s treasure our unity and identity in some issues!

  2. malawian killed in zambia what does it mean? i think usilu ndiwomwe wakula pamalawi pano eti pamenepo mukuti mwafotokozelano mtundu wa amalawi eti thts nonses

    • Akuti wapedwa chifukwa chani palitu pena munthu kuyiwalatu kuti ulikwayeni, nde ukatele kulamda akazi a yeni, mwano, kuthumbwaa, nde anthu amakutopela
      Kwinaku amakufufuza nkuona kuti angoku nyika mpeni basi.

  3. Why killing each other?Time ‘ll tell, God ‘ll judge,Time Mark!! ZEMBO why not love ur neighbour? RIP my fellow Malawians,God protect us who r living abroad(S.A, ZA, ZIM,MOCAMBIQUE,TZ etc)

  4. penapakenso inu Alembi mumakolezera zinthu kwabasi,tilibe nthawi yomatsekura timalink tanuti,bwanji osangolemba nkhaniyonse bwanji?”malawian killed in zambia”what is that?mukuganiza kuti okutsatirani ndemanga zawo zikhara zotani ndimmene mutu wankhaniwu uliri?basi kankhani kang’onong’ono follow the link’,kuyambira lero mudziwe kuti out of 100 ,amenene amatsekura timalink tanuti ndi 4,,#bwanjikodi?

  5. Malawi And Zambia Are Brothers In Countryship,so If Malawian Killed In Such Way,meaning There Is A Certain Matter Behind,so May Look Forward.Comment loading…..

  6. mukuyenera muyambe mwawerenga khaniyi b4 comment coz ndi anthu akuba omwe amapanga izi osati zambians momwe enenu mukulembera

  7. This kind of reporting gives rise to hatred between the two countries. Remember what happened to foreigners in South Africa. Me, as South African, married to a Malawian, have the fear in walking freely in Blantyre. Report crime. People tend to generalize and that is dangerous.


    • You must be fear for real I don’t think I can find a South African in Malawi they way these foolishness South African treat us here in South Africa like some they don’t go to other countries I wish people muste recognize you that your a South African there otherwise they must take you down South Africans they are very stupid people not even understand foolish people

    • Ndaonapo koma some Malawians kumayiko ena, akafika koma kulanda akazi ayeni number 1 kupanga zibwenzi ndi ana a school, nde in this case I Dont know,
      But those reasons are why Malawians killied.

  8. Abduction, killings, murder, theft, corruption, alcoholism and adultery the older in elder Malawian society. How can surely hire, abduct, kill and grab the property and use it in same compound without being caught? He knows even if found, he wont be arrested.

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