Malawi MPs in prayer over accidents

Lazarus Chakwera

Series of accidents that have claimed dozens of lives in Malawi have witnessed Members of Parliament (MPs) seeking God’s intervention.

Both Muslim and Christian prayers were conducted in Malawi’s chamber seeking God’s hand in protecting the citizens from accidents.

A minute of silence was also observed by the lawmakers for the departed souls of sons and daughters of mother Malawi.

The prayers were led by Karonga south constituency legislator Malani Mtonga who is also a pastor.

Recently, Malawi has registered a number of fatal accidents that have witnessed many lives being lost with other people sustaining serious injuries.

The series of accidents have inserted fears in Malawians who look at the roads in the country as being a death trap.



  1. Stop sitting and praying..
    Fix up the frikn pot holes you lazy louts. I pay 35% tax and have to dodge potholes between kanengo and area 9. Where is my tax going. Wake up get up and do some frikn work. God is not going to.dinner do your work for you. No road maintenance, corruption in road traffic. Maybe we are to blame and not God?


  3. We pray to the almighty God, don’t pray to the god we don’t know,
    Surrender all your stealing spirit, help the poor people in the village who votes for you God will hear you.
    Pray to God to give you vision for a better malawi,
    You’ve to share all these problems malawi is facing today and ask for God’s guidance,

  4. Usually God doesn’t answer the prayer of unrepentant sinner. Pray for yourselves first for good leadership, otherwise the tears of the innocent will block your Blessings from God and from your good ancestors.

  5. Koma Atate Mulungu komwe aliko amazionela aneneli onyenga chichulukileni pa Malawi lero ndi izi ma MP kugundika ndi ma pemphero, funso langa ndi lakuti “KODI MULUNGU TIMUDZIWE LERO KAAMBA KA MAVUTO OMWE AKUTIPEZAWA?”

  6. Indeed they got the truth about what is happening, they mustn’t test God,first thing is:-to fix their infrastructure generally and then God will listen to their prayer otherwise?.

  7. We don’t pray, we legislate, act and educate and disist from corruption and make sure we are all accountable. Better infrastructure is a result of good governance, not the circus we have to deal with today.

  8. hhhhh….
    1)Onse alape kaye….Greed…Selfishness…etc….ndikutaya Nyanga zonse…Zithumwa zonse awotche…..

    2)They shud find ways of upgrading/Constructing better/wider Roads….

    3) azalapeso kachiwiri incase Sanalapisise koyambako….

    4) Apologize to all Malawians..(They already know the reason why)…

    5) Then, they can talk of prayers now…You know Praying and Fasting…

  9. Kkkk nothing here like snake legs. They must must pray for themselves to have a better vision on how to upgrade national roads. The population of cars are increasing everyday. And these cars are not like the same like when they built those road 1000years ago. They must at least make four ways highways 2 going and 2 coming. The roads must be wide enough on blind curves. The road signs must be clear. You will pray(play). But is we don’t modify our roads trust me the problem will carry on. Just imagine a big truck on narrow road on blind curve then leave small space for on coming traffic. Where is the money for road taxes. Motorists pay taxes and the road are still narrow like a cycling lane.

  10. Oooops Crocodile tears. Do they care too. I thought first of all they have to renovate these poor roads via ministerial of road and public work rather than praying to God while they are pocketing themselves.

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