Malawi govt pens UN to resolve NRB staff demands

The government of Malawi through the ministry of home affairs and internal security has requested the United Nations (UN) to address the demands of National Registration Bureau (NRB) employees who have threatened to down tools.

NRB staff are reported to have threatened to boycott work if their employer NRB fails to address the salary increment demand.

National registration officers have been facing challenges. (Related Image credit to UNDP)

The workers are reported to have given NRB seven days to address the demand as they argued the money is little for working in rural set up.

NRB gives its registration officers K120,000 with others getting K150,000 before tax, a development that has angered them.

The salary structure has witnessed many resigning from work as they argue that the money is far below the cost of living in Malawi.

Reacting to the looming sit in by NRB, government has asked the sole funder to the registration exercise UN through its resident representative Mia Seppo to address the matter.

Meanwhile, UN is yet to comment on the matter.

Seppo is reported to have disclosed that the challenges rocking the exercise are to be solved arguing the registration process is to help Malawi in achieving sustainable development.



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    1. understand the Bible clearly my friend…said who that the ID is the mark of the beast? and all these countries who started way back in 1820’s having the ID, why isn’t it that the world did not end by then?

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    1. That is how it must be. You have to read conditions of service first before accepting an offer of employment. We can not win case in such circumstances.

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