Canada’s Mkango eyeing Malawi’s Songwe Hills for mining


Although many stakeholders are still not impressed with the mining sector in Malawi, Canadian based Mkango Resources Limited has disclosed that it will start mining activities at Songwe Hills in Phalombe district.

Mkango Resources Limited Chief Executive Officer (CEO) William Dawes disclosed the move to have rare earths from Songwe Hills, which range from neodymium used in electric motors to lanthanum used to make batteries, whose demand is increasing with the emergence of new, greener technology.

Malawi's Songwe Hills

Songwe Hill to provide the minerals. (Image credit: Guerilla Investing)

Dawes said that they will start mining at the hill in 2020 to meet the demand of metals that are used in electric vehicles.

“We think we will be in production in three years’ time, just at the right time,” Dawes told Reuters on Monday.

Dawes added that their target is to be mining 3000 tonnes of rare earth in Malawi by 2021 to meet the demand in the world.

The mining sector in Malawi has been reported to be benefiting those in authorities as they profit from the sales of the minerals.

The Kayelekela mining in Karonga is among the mining projects in which Malawians were ripped off as reports revealed that the lion share was enjoyed by those in power.

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