Mission impossible: Flames out of Cosafa


…270 minutes no goal

Flames of Malawi are out of this year’s Cosafa Castle Cup underway in South Africa following another goalless draw to a very youthful Angolan side on Thursday evening at Royal Bafokeng Stadium.

Head coach Ronny Van Geneudgen made three changes to the squad that drew 0-0 against Mauritius on Tuesday, with Peter Cholopi coming in for the suspended John Lanjesi while Francis Mulimbika replaced the injured Ian Chinyama at the left back and Yamikani Chester came in for the injured Micium Mhone.


Malawi bow out of the Cosafa tourney without scoring a goal.

Malawi needed to score atleast two goals and at the same time hoping to see Mauritius beating Tanzania in the other final group A encounter.
However, it was Angola who played with intent as they controlled ball possession throughout the match.

The partnership of Jabulani Linje and Innocent Bokosi paid no dividends upfront as the pair only had less than two shots at goal.

Malawi’s realistic chance fell through to Chester whose thunderbolt was saved by Angola’s shot stopper for a corner.

From there, it was the visitors who dominated possession with brilliant exchange of passes no wonder Malawi’s goalkeeper Ernest Kakhobwe was called into action more often than his counterpart.

Come second half, Flames’ performance deteriorated as they lacked pace in the midfield where Levison Maganizo and Chikoti Chirwa were operating.

Angola continued their brilliant display of football and were very unfortunate not to open the scoreline when Cholopi’ back pass caught his own goalkeeper napping in the line of defence.

At the other end, Bokosi’ shot was well saved by the visitor’s goalie but nobody was there to finish off the job.

Khuda Muyaba was then brought in for Linje but had no impact as the visitors held on to frustrate the visitors who are out of the competition at an earliest stage for the second year in succession.

The biggest concern was the team’ failure to score not even an offside goal in their last three matches of the tournament.

Kakhobwe was named man of the match.



  1. Ndiye mwabwela ndimawu anji? Ndalama zachipa zomwe amakulipilani? Akugulileni ma kabudula a size yanu muthamanga ndimpira anthu opepuka ngati ziwala inu. Boma lanu kulephela kukupangat sapoti ma uniform a size. Kumangosoketsa mu ma konde a ma shop mu limbemu.

  2. This oversized national team is a mess. Arghhhhhh. Don’t get me wrong but I never watched any of the games they played. It was rubbish.


  4. there was a time wen playing agaist malawi gave u goose pimples.where are those days?malawians like soccer,but to to say flames are improving with those draws,is ridiculous.flames shud be at par with bafana bafana,chipolopolo,ghana,cameroon etc,not mauritious,lesotho,botswana or tanzania.water has been poured on de flames and the coach must look 4 dry twigs to reckindle the flame.have freindlies with big teams like nigeria,ivory coast

  5. If the chaps were promised 500,000 to a scorer and 150000 to other members of the team, the thirty million could have brought a winning team blame FAM

  6. Brethren,what else would you like the flames to do?Zidali zowonekeratu komanso timadziwiratu kuti flames ndi Mbola.Kuyambira ku FAM,coaching panel,Sponsors,league yathu even players,onse mbola zokhazokha.

  7. Malawi is playing antiquity football, the contemporary football needs running while passing rather than standing and waiting for the ball, and short passes at a diameter of 2 metres is very dangerous because once you lose it you find your opponents unattacked. Coaches, improve

  8. Funny how reading the comments the white coach is not even blamed. But if he were our own fellow Malawian, we wld be roasting him.

  9. Ku Joni kuli amalawi ambiri penanso team imafunika support for moral mumaona bwanji maiko anzathu support yake olo zivute be courageous pliz coz zimapangitsa team kukhala ndimangolomera kulimbikira .

  10. We don’t hv a team, when they play it’s like a college team. But I don’t blame them. I blame the country for not putting surport. We don’t hv competitive league., cups and to make matters worse players are not payed enough , I surport the Queens.

  11. Like seriously, I have watched all the three games. Considering that we did not have enough friendlies for preps, had all locals, and the couch is still new, I am very happy with the performance. No goals yes I have seen that but two man of the matches is our price. I am very proud of you guys. Next time we will make it. RVG don’t let people pull you down. Go Flames go

  12. Zikufunika Anyamatawa Akafika Kuno Kumudzi Aliyese Anyetsedwe Zikwapu 12 Kenako Team Yose Athetse Ndikupanga Scout New Players From Chipiku Division One Ndikuwaphunzitsa Mpira..

  13. Constructive critism. I think the players really need more time to train. I think the Malawian team trains less as if they’re just playing ndi Blantyre United (and thing is we only train kukakhala game). And the other thing is, some of the players gotta go ndithuu. The coach isn’t the problem cuz really we hire professional coaches (though we think changing coaches will do the magic). Koma we can’t keep using the same players and expect different results. Plus pay these niggas enough mulla lol

  14. Kodi ku nkhani ya mpirai tidalakwanji?

    Ndichani….?? All the time…we say ..

    We played good football but lack cordination…eh what! What!……

  15. I don’t know if the problem is coach or players koma kunena Zoonadi tikanali kutali kuti tidzayambe kumwa wamkaka Mpira wamasiku ano si part time koma full time ndipo sintchito yambali imodzi ndi yatomse Ma players, coach, boma komaso ochemelera

  16. Last time I checked, there was no football players in Malawi but golf ones. The white coach I heard said it. He would be factual.

  17. lets stop talking abusive thinking we as malawias our durty is to make sure that all players are reaching malawi withough injury.majelac mix ufiti most malawi malo moti muwalimbikitse mukuwagemu shame on u

  18. Mwala wosakhazikika siumayanga ndele ndiye chonde timusiye Coach agwire ntchito yake mosasokanizidwa apo ayi, timu yathu ingotha.

  19. Azibwera basi ameneo,jezi yopita nayo kugulu imene ija?ngati kulibe ma telala obweza zovala zikakula kkkkk palibe chachilendonso apa timayenera kutuluka ndithu.imeneyo nde flames

  20. Frankly speaking this courch has brought new skills to our prayers.Itwas nice game the Frames was playing.Great mwasewera bwino zangovuta

  21. Malawi inkachita bwino nthawi ya a chair, chifukwa iwo amakonda masewero ampira ndiye amapasa chilimbikiso anyamata komaso ndalama zinalipo, komaso anyamatawo amalonjeza zambiri ngati atawine, amatha kuwawuza kuti akadya ndi president ku sanjika, koma zili lerozi aaaaa gondolose weniweni kkkkk mpira simbali yawo mwina bawo kapena

  22. Tinazolowera kutimwetsa madimu matimu amenewa
    Moti zoti frames inali konko ndadziwila pompano tinasiya ngakhale kuzitsata zodwalitsa Bp

  23. There was no electricity at home therefore I did not watch the match but am encouraged by those who are able to appreciate the improved performance of our Flames. Shortly, with the same players Flames will be doing better . Am encouraged.

  24. Ngati mwakwanisa kupanga draw ndimatimu awili zikusonyeza kuti mwayesesa ana akwathu . Am sure u hav lern something . Next time ypu will play better than this time . Big up flames .

  25. BP yanga yakwela ine ndimangoti HaHe Hi hoo huu Nanga titani poti tata ni ke ..vuto no striker force kumbali yathu koma tambalare kumbuyo ndi agoloboyi athu … Ukapita kusogolo miyendo ziiiii

  26. IM in zambia and i watched de game on tv.if malawi is goin to make a mark,the whole team shud be overhauled.not systen no cordination,just playing.the coach shud scout for new players

  27. those who watched the game,the flames is improving,is displaying beautiful football,zangovuta. out of 4,one team needed to go through so flames is one of 3 who didnt make it through. well done boys u did everything

    • I support you. Our team is improving especially on knocking the ball around.Ball possession is OK. Now what is remaining is to create and utilise chances

    • is it a well done for participating, lets be patience, it cud also be so early to make those observation. improvement shud come with some positive results, atleast scoring, or atleast winning one match..and much as 3 have come out of the race am not proud of it for Malawi. nwe thats ur opinion i respect it

    • I agree but those ball possession not threatened the opponents it takes us no where…how do we expecting to score a goal if we kick the ball around without putting pressure to opponents defenders to force them commiting error in their area..there’s no gift goals..nowadays the teams are well prepared..from the back…really playing this ball possession in our Area we will not advanced to play against bigger countries ….like Brasil…next time same teams Mauritius..Angola…tizakula lit

  28. Pobwelera ayende pa Bus aone momwe Uwawira ntunda obwera kuno akanganya amenewa..sinanga zoyenda pa ndege 4hrs afika akuona ngat ndipafupi zoona kuchoka kutali ukooo basi Not even a single goal ?? oky mwina chigili chinavuta koma nanga ngakhale offsyd yeniyeniyi zoona ?? Koma tamakhalani serious ma Flames zinazi aaaaaaaaa….

  29. Koma akati kameteni ma mohoki ndie eeeee ndie kumakhala kuisema mitu, ina kumaoneka ngat high roof ina ngati vanet ina ngat chimbaula chapolisi chija mmmmmh akati pagalaundi ndi mamina enieni.

  30. I doubt if there was someone out there hoping that Flames could do better,,,,,,, not even the coach or the players themselves


  32. Malawi olo atabwela morinho palibe ingachite…mpila wamunawu tangosiyan tizithandza akaziwa bolan…amunawa azilima kumuziku osat zampila

  33. Ine monga Monga zmika ndatuma anamajombo kuti akunyeseni nonse matako anuwo pamonzi ndi mzanu woyera khunguyo nthawi zonse mumangoluza koma mowa ndi akazi basi zitsiru inu

    • Moet, I like your encouragement & with such, Malawi can develop it’s Football cos we can not expect an over night win as those we played against could have prepared long before us.

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