Councillors told to focus on youth

Phalombe district councillors have been urged to put their focus on youths so that young people should stop indulging themselves in malpractices that can hurt their future.

This was said during a soccer bonanza between Thundu Select and Chabwera Rangers held at Khongoloni ground on Sunday with funding from Phalombe District Sports Office.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24 after the match which Thundu Select won, Rangers Coach Charles Madula asked Khongoloni Ward councillor Kalepa Mawere to introduce a trophy in his area to keep the boys and girls in the area busy.

Coaches in Phalombe have made the call.

“What I can tell our councillor is that he shouldn’t be disappointed because of this result. He should come up with some trophies so that we should be at least doing something here to keep us busy,” said Madula.

On the game, Madula said it was a tough match as expected and he congratulated his opponents for the win.

On his part, the winning team’s coach Wasili Justin thanked Thundu Ward councillor Francis Nunkhazingwe for the funds that he is giving them.

“It was good game. Let me thank our councillor for the support that is he is giving to these boys and I promise that I will do all I can not to disappoint him,” he said.

Phalombe District Sports Officer (DSO) Edward Malumero pledged for enough support from his office to the sports fraternity in the district.

He also said that the match was impressive. He however reminded them that time is paramount in any game.

“The level of play was encouraging as both teams have some exciting players which if properly nurtured can make it big in their careers.

“My message to the soccer fraternity is that we should improve on time management otherwise the office is very committed to ensure sports development in the district,” concluded Malumero.

For being champions, Thundu Select went away with cash amounting to Mk20,000 while Rangers took home Mk10,000.