Woman commits suicide after quarrel with husband

A 24-year-old woman in Bvumbwe on Friday killed herself by taking insecticides after a quarrel with her husband.

Confirming the incident, Limbe police assistant public relations officer Widson Nhlane identified the deceased as Chrissy Daniel.

According to Nhlane, the woman’s husband told her to discipline their daughter due to the girl’s unbecoming behaviour.

“This did not go not well with Daniel and she resorted to taking insecticides,” he said

She then collapsed after taking the chemical and was rushed to Chimaliro health centre where she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Postmortem results showed that the woman died due to poisoning.

Police have since advised members of the public to seek guidance from church leaders or victim support units when they have family issues rather than committing suicide which is not a good solution.

Chrisy Daniel hailed from Kalimbuka village, Traditional Authority Chimaliro in Thyolo district.



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