Mutharika appoints woman as Malawi prison chief


President Peter Mutharika has appointed a female commissioner as the new Malawi Prison chief.

According to information made available to this publication, Mutharika has appointed madam commissioner Wandika Phiri as the chief of all the prisons in the country.

It is reported that the appointment is with immediate effect.

Malawi24, can also reveal that Mutharika has appointed Dr Mercy Pindani as principal at the Kamuzu College of Nursing.

Apart from that, the president has also appointed Dr Belinda Gombachika as vice principal of the college of nursing.

Information with this newspaper further indicates that the appointment of Dr Pindani and Dr Gombachika is effective this coming Saturday, July 1st.



  1. zachibwana zanuzo plz spare lomwe tribe sikuti mukakuta muzilimbana ndi alomwe bwanji??? kukhala lomwe ndichifukwa? mukasowa mfundo its better to be silent rather than fueling tribalism….we all malawians wheter yao ngoni mtumbuka lomwe etc we belong to moter malawi….ndikupusa kumalimbana ndi alomwe mwamva??

    1. malawi is not being ruled by lomwe as tribe but only a person from lomwe tribe and infact he is a malawian. Malawi as a country does not belong to any tribe…is for us all whether lomwe, yao ngoni, tumbuka, sena etc are malawians and we need to respect each other…mtundu onse wa alomwe usanyozedwe just coz one of us is a president…all challenges faced in this country are affecting everyone including lomwe…blackout is for all, drug shortage is for all,and what have u…dont treat lomwes as we are not suffering together with other tribes….if our attitude will be that of sidelining other culture malawi will not be abetter place for us all…kukhala mulomwe kusakhale chitonzo kwa wena…palibe mtundu wa anthu mdziko muno omwe uli more superior than the other…no one tribe which is more intelligent than the other….tiyeni tikone45d5i89op[]

    1. Madam Wandika deserves the Position. She is a hard worker , well principled and she have good qualification for the post. She is from Nkhatabay

  2. Its the reason our country is going nowhere! this feminist president is ruining his government cant he see.that???? It is very.obvious our women cant handle these positions with all this corruption…Someone remind the president our GDP mybe he will get back to his senses!! Zomaika azimayi pamwamba azibambo alipo ndizolakwika on many grounds including the bible!!!!! Wake up MALAWI umphawi wakwana uwu aaaah

  3. ntchito ya malemu izeki ya #police yosavala sapato iyooooo amasungila sapato kuti kuka bwela ma vete azikatenga nkuvala

  4. This position deserves to be for men, i lost trust in women and i hate the so called women empowerment. JB, Obama ciumia, kaliyati, gotani hara abused their powers now we can see Wa jeffrey abusing us now and again. Women shudnt be leaders but subordinates

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