Karonga Diocese to construct international secondary school

Bishop-Martin Mtumbuka

Bishop Martin Mtumbuka has said Karonga Diocese is planning to construct a high quality international private secondary in Karonga as one way of improving education in Northern Region.

Mtumbuka said this on the sidelines of a graduation of 125 boys that took place at Chaminade Boys Secondary School in the district.

Bishop Martin Mtumbuka says the move is aimed at improving education in the Northern region.

He said Karonga Diocese wants children in the region and those from neighboring countries to access quality and standard education.

In his speech to outgoing students, Mtumbuka urged students to continue showing good behavior to the world.

“I want to thank the management and staff for beating a record by producing two students who passed with 6 points last year and sending 56 students to public universities, this clearly means there is no other school in Malawi better than us,” he said

On his part, Chaminade outgoing Headboy Philip Kashoni thanked the staff for a job well done saying they will not disappoint the staff by scoring desirable points.

During the event, Bishop Martin Mtumbuka donated a football Jersey to Chaminade boys as part of a gift on graduation.

Marianist Brothers run Chaminade boys Secondary School in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the school was established in 1963.



  1. Yaa Its A Welcm Idea,bt Wth The Situation Malawianz Facing,ma Xul’wa Akudula Kwambr Amene Akuphunzr R Only Frm Wel Being Fmilyz.Am A Catholic Bt Mmmmm Akulu Ampingo Awa!

  2. Ah! Penapakensotu abale anga ma northerners tribalism mumdzaiyambanso nokha…thats why prof Lumumba said in one of his speech saying “the main problem with africans is tribal savage”. How can you say” …to improve education in northern region”?

    1. But we don’t have the bathwater together with the baby. An international school won’t benefit Karonga citizens, let alone poor northerners. It will be rich families benefiting from that. Check Marymount, Marist, do they benefit poor Malawians. Hell no. We can’t afford to add salt on a fresh wound.

    2. The Church has already taken that into consideration. She has built very nice community day secondary xuls with almost all the needed materials and some with girls hostels. The fees is very cheap.

  3. A welcome development, but children from the poor families must also benefit with that school, catholic schools are really nice school when it comes to education standard and disprin but your schools are very expessive as if those schools were established to help only those who have money yet those are Mission schools from the people of God to help every person regardless of his / her economic status!

  4. Call it Regional Secondary school and NOT International Secondary School because your aim is to improve education in the Northern region.. I can see a man of GOD practicing Stigma and Nepotism… Disgusting!!!.

    1. At least the bishop is realistic. How many government schools are in the north? Let him do it where he is ministering. You want him to construct in Thyolo?

    2. Where do you expect international schools to be built? Bishop mackenzie was built in central region but its an international institution, now how do you brand it to be REGIONAL SCHOOL simply because the clergy says it gonna be in North, on improving education in North as per Mtumbuka words, northerners will have viable access as the facility shall be close to them, but it’s doors will be open to all from all walks of life, so i don’t see NEPOTISM there brother Felix Tchauya

    3. It can’t be an International private secondary school when their sole aim is to improve education in North…something isn’t adding up here…naye quota system imeneyo wabweretsayo kkkk

    4. There is no way he can build in thyolo as if he minister in thyolo,mukufuna zabwino zonse zikhale zanu,muli ndizinthu zolozeka like ndata farm

    5. Malawians are good at picking issues even where there are no issues at all. If I may ask how many government secondary schools are there in Karonga, will you tell us please ? I think there is almost non to one. All the secondary schools in Karonga are missionary secondary school including some of the community day secondary schools. So I do not see an issue here. A private international secondary school can be built anywhere in the country just as it is with the Kamuzu Acadamy to improve quality of education and access to education beginning at the district level, regional level, national level and also at international level. So I do not see where these criticisms are coming from.

    6. Bro #Philemon_Banda, it’s like you are quoting me wrong, I’m not against the excellent idea of constructing that school in Kalonga, but the aim.. Which openly says is to improve education in the Northern region. This means, people from the North will have more chances or opportunities to study at that school than people from the other regions. This is clear as per the root aim of that project.

    7. Kkkkk #Sopani_Mwale, you just need a brain wash, your IQ is as law as that of a cockroach which ran into the water yet it doesn’t know how to swim.. Biggest Idiot.

    8. I suppose you mean low not law kkkk… an indication that your IQ is low… what is wrong with the idea? Mtumbuka was sent to serve people of Karonga diocese. pliz abeg dont bring your regional politics into the Church… every diocese has a bishop and are responsible to their people whom they are serving… @ Felix

    1. kusowa zokamba uku….. the best schools in Malawi are Catholic schools… Watch Catholic University is also growing…

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