41 000 dogs vaccinated against rabies

Up to 41 200 dogs have been vaccinated against rabies in Zomba and Blantyre.

Speaking to local media, chief microbiologist in the department of animal health and livestock development Julius Chulu said they are striving hard to vaccinate many dogs this year.

Fight against rabies comes in full swing.

He added that as a way of reaching its goal, the department has planned to allocate a whole month for the campaign.

According to Chulu, the department together with Mission Rabies will reach every part of this county.

“The department of animal health and livestock development is very happy to partner with Mission Rabies because as you are aware we always hold annual campaign around August but now things have changed,” he said.

However, Chulu said they will concentrate on parts that have not been reached excluding   Blantyre and Zomba as the two districts were the first to get the vaccination.



  1. Zaonetseratu kuti ntolankhani iwe ntchito yako sumatha,,, just a word of advice consult first usanapange publish story. Consult the concerned officers akupatse real facts&figures ngati sukuwadziwa undiuze ndikupatse their contacts wamva

  2. The number is very very small. We have alot of dogs within the city’s mentioned, u need to revisit the areas. The remaining figure is more giving a threat to the nation

  3. stop spreading fake news inu…in two weeks more than 6,000 dogs have been vaccinated in zomba only and almost 40,000 dogs were vaccinated in blantyre in May

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